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School is now closed for the Summer.

All reports have been emailed to families.

New classes have been emailed via the weekly e-newsletter.

We hope to see you all very soon in Sept. 

Children should wear their winter uniforms as usual which includes a shirt and SMAAA tie. 

New Classes Sept 2020 are set out below.



Previous Class New Class
Nursery  Reception Class 1 Miss Taylor
Nursery Reception Class 2 Mrs Fairhurst
Reception Miss Taylor Class 3 Mrs Moore
Reception Mrs Wood Class 4 Ms Haigh/Ms Trayer
Yr 1 Mrs Moore Class 6 Mrs Elliott
Yr 1 Ms Haigh/Trayer Class 5 Miss Canavan
Yr 2 Miss Canavan Class 7 Miss Duffy
Yr 2 Miss Richardson Class 8 Mrs Ferguson
Yr 3 Miss Rutherford Class 9 Mrs Rossiter
Yr 3 Miss Duffy Class 10 Ms Hester
Yr 4 Mrs Ferguson Class 11 Mrs Bird
Yr 4 Miss Hester Class 12 Mrs Grundy
Yr 5 Mrs Bird Class 13 Mr Arnold
Yr 5 Miss Hickey Class 14 Mrs Hulme






Dear children,

As part of our Wellbeing Award work in school it is very important to us to know what you think of the ways we look after your wellbeing in school. Your thoughts and feelings are important to us.

We would like you to think about what we do in school to support you and your wellbeing. You might think about how your Teacher, any other adult in school or your friends support you.

We would also like you to think about what we can do to further improve things. Is there anything you would like to do in your classes or on the playground?

You can download a form to complete here and return to us via Twitter, Tocomail or email: admin@smaaa.info

Thank you, we look forward to hearing your thoughts!



 Twitter @SMAAASchool 

Classes  Twitter:-

Nursery is  @NurserySmaaa 
Reception is @smaaareception
Yr 1 is @Smaaayear01
Yr 2 is @SMAAAClass6 or @SMAAAClass5
Yr 3 is @SMAAAClass8  and  @SMAAAClass7  
Yr 4 is @smaaaClass09  for both classes
Yr 5 is @SMAAAyear5  
Yr 6 is @SMAAAClass013 


Contact us:
St Michael and All Angels,
Sidney Powell Ave,
L32 0TP
eMail: stmichaelandallangels@knowsley.gov.uk
Phone: 0151 477 8400

Admin Staff – Mrs L Doyle a.m. and Mrs Elder p.m.

S– Sensitive and Sociable





At St Michael and All Angels, we strive to create a magical curriculum that engages our learners with life long learning powers, enabling them to enjoy a creative and enriching experiences  alongside their friends, staff and families.


On behalf of the children, staff and Governors of St Michael and All Angels, I would like to warmly welcome you to our school website.

We are a thriving school with amazing children whose families support our Mission Statement;

“At St Michael and All Angels School we are a Christian Community where everybody is valued and recognised for their unique contribution.”

Like you, we the staff and Governors are passionately committed to providing our children with a wide variety of engaging opportunities in our fantastic new building opened September 2009. High expectations support our high standards in all key phases.

Please click on the School prospectus link (right) to find out more about our school where “The Gospel values of love and respect are at the heart of our partnership with parents, carers, Governors, the parish and wider community.”

Ofsted Oct 2013 states;

” The school provides a calm and safe environment where pupils feel safe and can thrive.”

“Behaviour in and around school is exemplary.”

“High quality teaching ensures that pupils learn well. It is never less than good and a substantial proportion is outstanding.”

Ms Bowman – Head Teacher 





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