love history

Our history lessons help us to gain a clear knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past, along with the wider world. It inspires our curiosity and makes us want to know more about the past. In history lessons our teachers encourage us to ask questions, think critically, look at evidence and develop perspective and judgement. History helps us to understand the complexity of people’s lives, the process of change, the diversity of societies and relationships between different groups, as well as our own identity and the challenges of our time.

Have a look at all of the fun history topics that we learn about in our lessons:

  Autumn Spring Summer
Year 1 Toys, Toys, Toys The Beatles Local time detective- Kirkby
Year 2 Great Fire of London Space- Neil Armstrong Local Time Detective-

A place with 2 cathedrals

Year 3 Stone Age Local Time Detectives- Romans Egypt
Year 4 Anglo Saxons Local Time Detective- Vikings Shang Dynasty
Year 5 Tudors Local Time Detective- Kirkby Mayans
Year 6 Victorians Local Time Detective- WWII Liverpool Ancient Civilisation Greeks



Develop a basic historical vocabulary, such as: yesterday, last week, earlier.

Learn about how they have changed since they were born- milestones and events which have happened in their lives.



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