Reception (Class 1)

Welcome to your Reception class page!

Class 1

Our Staff:
Class Teacher:  Miss Taylor and Miss O’Connell

Teaching Assistant:  Mrs Sefton 

Our Home learning is on Google Classrooms please log on.

We are reading Kipper’s Birthday, you can find this on YouTube. We  are matching number cards with the correct amount of objects. 

If you need to speak to us or have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact school. You can also follow us on twitter for the latest news and updates.

Please follow us @smaaareception. 

Our  School Mission Statement: 

How we can live the Mission Statement in our class

Christian Community

We will say our prayers, join in happily with collective worship and Come and See lessons and share

our new spiritual knowledge and Christian values with our families.  

Valued and Recognised

We will say Thank you to God for what we have each day.  We known each other’s names and know that we our special to our teachers and belong to our class family. 

Unique Contributions  

We will celebrate each other’s uniqueness and our special talents. We will smile and give a positive comment in response to other’s achievements. 

Child Centred Education 

We share our interests with our class family and our teachers plan exciting activities for us. 

Positive Learning Environment

We will happily play and learn together following our class and school rules. We enjoy singing, exploring, investigating, creating, sharing and laughing everyday in school. 

Gospel Values of Love and Respect

We will use our manners and share nicely during our school day. We respond to scripture in different creative ways e.g. singing, dancing, drawing and painting

Partnership with Parents, carers, Governors, the parish, and wider community.

We invite our parents, carers, Governors to different events during the year to celebrate our learning and achievements. We attend church to celebrate with our parish family during the school year. We raise money at different times of the year for the wider community. 




Useful information 

 Please send a small, healthy snack (just 1 item) into school with your child in a disposable named bag and a named water bottle, no juice please. 

Please ensure ALL your child’s clothing has names on it. As they go through the wash names do tend to fade so please keep checking to ensure that things don’t go missing, especially jumpers and cardigans. 

School lunches 

We are currently providing sandwiches for school dinners with a choice of ham, cheese or tuna and a choice of fish and chips each Friday 

If you wish to provide you child with a packed lunch could it please be in a named disposable bag.

What are we learning this half term?

Our topics this  half term alongside the children’s interests are : 

Celebrating and Animals . 

Our key texts we will be reading are:

Kipper’s Birthday

Handa’s Surprise


Some other texts we will be reading are; Elmer’s story, Oi Frog, Oi Dog and Oi Cat 

Our key objectives this term are: 

Writing captions and labels. 

Writing about animals 

Finding one more or one less 

Counting and ordering to 20 


Thank you for your help and support,

Early Years Team








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