Below you will find some fun activities to keep you busy over the Summer holiday.

You can use your Year Group workbooks too.



The following are some really useful, practical Maths activities you can have a go at without having to use worksheets.  How many can you complete?  Click each activity to enlarge.

Days of the Week

Days of the Week

Months of the Year

Months of the Year

What Time of Day?

Tell the Time

Finding Halves and Quarters

Fractions Investigation

Subtraction Challenge

Comparing Lengths

Comparing Mass (weight)

Money Challenge



The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson

Listen to one of our favourite Julia Donaldson stories.

Can you retell the story?  You could create a storymap or make your own book, including the beginning, middle and end.  


Julia Donaldson loves to make her stories rhyme.  Can you think of some words that rhyme too? Have a go at this .


Let’s find out about Blue Whales using an  information text.  

Ask a grown up to help if it is tricky for you to read. 

Can you find the answers to these questions?


The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

You can listen to and read along with this wonderful story here:

Here is a booklet full of activities all about the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. See how much of it you can complete.

What would you pack for Mr Grinling’s lunch?  Can you plan a lunch menu for him?  Remember to include some healthy foods and maybe a treat.  You could draw each food item and label it, or write a shopping list for him to use.


Did you enjoy this story?  Would you recommend it ?  Complete this book review  and tell your friends what you think of Mr and Mrs Grinling and those rather cheeky seagulls. 


Let’s use a non-fiction text to find out about lighthouses

Use what you have learned about lighthouses to create your own information book.  Here  is a book you can print and fill in with sentences and pictures.  You could make your own if you can’t print. 


Let’s Get Creative!

Make a Shoebox Underwater Scene

Use an old shoebox to create an underwater wonderland.  Use shells, pebbles, pipe cleaners, buttons and any other materials you can find (don’t forget to ask an adult!) 

Use sellotape or blu tak to fasten your fish to the top of your shoebox. 

What other sea creatures could you include in your underwater scene?


Make a Paper Plate Snail

We can use “The Snail and the Whale” as inspiration for this crafty project.  All you will need is a paper plate, a glue stick or PVA glue (ask an adult if it’s ok to use this) and some things to decorate your snail’s shell with.  Maybe you could use tissue paper, beads, buttons, paper shapes or rolled paper quills.


Make Mr Grinling’s Lighthouse

Could you make your own version of Mr Grinling’s lighthouse?  You could perhaps use paper or plastic cups, strips of coloured  paper (colour plain paper in if you don’t have any), tissue paper and some stones to go around the base. 

Could you make a flame from tissue paper or similar?  You could even use an electic tealight like in some of the examples below.  Maybe you could draw or paint a background showing the light shining from the lighthouse? 

There are other ways to create models, too.  You could recreate Mr Grinling’s lighthouse using Lego or even on Minecraft if you want to.


Design a Summer Outfit for Mr Grinling

What might Mr Grinling wear during the Summer to do his very important job as lighthouse keeper?  I think he might need a Summer outfit instead of his woolly hat and heavy coat.  What do you think?  Here are some garments that might inspire your designs.


You could use this template for drawing your outfit.

Remember you can tweet us pictures of your work.
We would love to see what you are up to!
Stay safe, stay alert.