Below you will find some fun activities to keep you busy over the Summer holiday.

You can use your Year Group workbooks too.



Reading Task 1
Pleas copy and paste the link below to Watch Go Jetters: Amazon Rainforest.                                                   

Questions to Discuss
Where was the tree frog found?
What sound did it make?
Which rainforest insect steals the picnic? What happens when the tree frogs aren’t there to eat the ants?

Reading Task 2

Please copy and paste the link below to listen to the story Slowly Slowly Slowly said the Sloth by Erica Carle.

Can you draw a picture of the sloth and describe how he looks, moves and sounds?

Reading Task 3
Please copy and paste the link below to list to the story The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr.
Would you like at tiger to have tea at your house? Or would you prefer another animal? Using the resource below draw the animal you would like to have tea at your house and write a menu.

Time for tea


Writing Task 1
Can you think of an animal for each letter of the alphabet e.g. a=alligator, b=bird?

Writing Task 2
Copy and past the link below to watch a video about the rainforest.
Talk about the rainforest with your child and ask: What can you see? What can you hear? Using the resource below, ask your child to draw a picture of the rainforest and write a sentence and/or key words about what they can see or hear.

The Rainforest



Counting, Matching and Ordering
Practice your number skills by copying and pasting  the link below to play the Ladybird Spots game.

Using the resources below test your shape knowledge.

Shape 1

Shape 2

Shape 3

Please copy and paste the link below to see how may addition calculations you can make and solve.–math0

Use the teddy bears to help you solve these subtraction calculations. 


Length and Height
Can you find objects around your house to compare? Which item is the tallest or shortest?
Please copy and paste  the link below to play Let’s Compare.

Capacity Experiment
Provide your child with a selection of containers in the bath, sink or paddling pool. Experiment together, showing the bottles and containers as full, half full, empty and overflowing.

Can you give the shop keeper the correct coins?

Money 1


Creative Tasks

Make your own rainforest. Follow the instructions below to create your own little rainforest.

Create a Rainforest in a Jar

How to Make a Paper Bag Book

Once you have made your paper bag book you could write about all the nice things you have being doing over the summer holidays. Why not bring your book into school on your first day in your new class and share your summer memories with a friend?

How to Make a Paper Bag Book


I hope you have lots of fun completing these tasks over the summer. Enjoy your well deserved summer break and stay safe. 







Remember you can tweet us pictures of your work.
We would love to see what you are up to!
Stay safe, stay alert.