Catholic Life


At the heart of our Christian Community is the wish to support others in our parish and global community.


Church's Story 3

Congratulations to all of our staff, pupils, parents, Governors and parishioners on their contribution to helping us to win the Spirituality Award 2017.


 Autumn Term Begins

Staff worked together to create art work based on the “Power to Be” theme.

Cathedral Ephipany Service 

Liliya was priveledged to complete one of the readings during the service. The children joined in the service with reverence and ethusiasm.

The children enjoyed their last chance to sing Christmas carols as we joined other schools in an ecumenical celebration of God’s love revealed to the three wise men


Lent Pilgrimage

Easter Family Activities

Our parents, carers and grandparents came along to help make our new cross and they had fun planting spring seeds too!


Today in our Sept INSET our staff reflected on the Canticle of the Sun (St Francis) and Laudato Si. They reflected together on how each year group could contribute to the 7 Works of Mercy over the coming weeks.

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Each member of staff and Governors visited the Stations of Mercy and reflected on how their children could support the Works of Mercy.


 We thought about Peace all around us and all around the world during the International Day of Peace.


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Year of Mercy Celebration

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The School Council joined in the Liverpool celebration for the Year of Mercy at St Oswald’s Church. Watch our slide show by clicking the link below:


 Comfort the afflicted 

Well done Year 6 completing your Work of Mercy by raising  £300 for Macmillan. Thank you parents who donated the delicious  cakes, raffle prizes and played along in the game of bingo.

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Feed the Hungry and Give Water to the Thirsty

Reception and Year 2 wore their Silly Socks to raise money for CAFOD Harvest event.

They raised £79 and will chose their gift from the CAFOD website. I wonder what the children will chose to buy?

Ah, they chose to buy 3 garden packs and 2 family water packs. Thank you children.

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Clothe the naked

Year 3 have collected hats, scarves and gloves for the local homeless.

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Give shelter to the homeless

Year 5 organised dignity packs for the charity Shelter.

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Bury the dead

Year 1 are bust preparing their dance for our “Light up a Life” celebration.


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Bear wrongs patiently

Year 4 have worked on supporting children who have wronged others. They have used the friendship tunnel.

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Summer Celebrations

St M+AA Phil Thompson Nugent Care DSC_2514

Phil Thompson came to our school to accept our £1000 cheque from our hard work during Lent. he was a great role model and ambassador when he also talked to us about fair play in sport.


Stations of the Cross and Prayer Stations

Year 4 led the community in their reflection on the Stations of the Cross.


The 3 Pillars of Lent can be seen by our commitment to:

  • almsgiving

  • self-giving

  • prayer



All members of the school community contribute to the “Good Shepherd” collection. Lots of hard work goes on and we even wear Silly Socks to help the cause.

Total 2016 £1000

silly socks

 During lent we give to the CAFOD appeal for clean water. We listened to the CAFOD volunteers as they explained why clean water is so important. We completed our clean water bucket challenge in class too.




Total 2016 £250


We have taken the time to give our time to others. Year 6 boys have given up their time to support Year 3 pupils who want o improve their football skills.

Other year 6 pupils have helped Year 5 with their spellings at lunch time.

Mr Clarke has had a group of children who have given their time to begin the Spring clean of the garden area.


We prayer for the needy in the local community and globally during Lent. Our Prayer Stations help us to remember how to say “Sorry.”

We think about :








Year of Mercy


During the Year of Mercy, our school have chosen a Work of Mercy and activities to put that Work into practice.

EYFS – We will comfort the afflicted – We will make a buddy bench to make sure everyone has a friend.

Year 1 – Give drink to the thirsty – We will use CAFOD to stress the importance of water.  We will raise money for wells.

Year 2 – Comfort the afflicted – We will use CAFOD to support the people of Syria and take care of friendships in and out of school.

Year 3 – Feed the hungry – We will pray our lunch-time prayers and raise money for CAFOD World Gifts.

Year 4 – We will bear wrongs patiently – We will forgive one another and start each new day with no grudges.

Year 5 – We will shelter the homeless – We will raise awareness of the Shelter appeal and collect food and blankets for those in need.

Year 6 – We will comfort the afflicted – We will raise money for the Macmillan Coffee Morning and help Year 3 in their to transition from Infants to Juniors. They also support the “Tea and Toastie,” Club each Monday morning. It is always good to see children doing the dishes!


Meet the teacher gives parents, staff and pupils a time to reflect on what or school gives to the families and community.



We sent our school winner to the Kirkby Collaborative “Design a Mug for Fairtrade Fortnight.”



Year 6 helped us to ask ourselves big questions about the Nativity Story.


Our children, parents, Governors and parishioners  all joined in the Advent preparations when we began with Collective Worship in church with Year 5 who helped us to wait with “hope.”


 Our Advent Stations helped us to ask the Big Questions such as “Can we wait with hope like Elizabeth?”


Our children planned and made all of their own Christmas treasures to sell to the community in our Festive market. There was super singing of carols too….in the very cold marquee.



During the Big Draw we asked our school community, including parents, parishioners and other schools to help us create a collage of “Our World.”



Royal British Legion Poppy Picnic 


The whole school came together to create a human poppy. There was also a Poppy Café in the afternoon for parents and carers. Funds raised were sent to the Royal British legion. The children had great fun having their picnic together. “Rusty” Miller was guest of honour along with Craig Flynn and representatives from the local Sea Cadets.



We had a lovely afternoon at the Cathedral Good Shepherd Mass where we met Archbishop McMahon.

Our wonderful “Genesis” mosaics have been erected around school.



Raising money for the Nugent Care Society  has taken a new direction. Coming to school in home designed T-shirts and Funky clothes. Yet again the totals for each year group are amazing.



Year 4 led our Stations of the Cross afternoons. The pupils showed us all how to act in Lent and remember the meaning of the 14 Stations. Thank you Year 4.

station 1



Year 4 have visited our parish group of UCM (union of Catholic Mothers). They are working on some designs for their new banner that they will use when they next visit the cathedral.


Well done to the children who sold the Woodlands Beany Decorations during Advent and raised £419 for the hospice.



The Early Years parents joined in a creative activity which reflected what the children think about our school prayer.

See them displayed in the main hall for everyone to see. 



Thank you to the families who contributed to the Foodbank collection during Harvest this October. Thank you to the Year 6 girls who helped Miss Murphy and myself load up the car and deliver the food to the new Kirkby Foodbank.