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Parent, Pupil and Staff  Questionnaires

Yr2Pupils Questionnaire 2016-2017

Yr6Pupils Questionnaire 2016-2017

Parents Questionnaire 2016-2017

Staff Questionnaire 2016-2017

 Kerry our RE Governor came to visit school in December. She looked at our RE books and wrote, ” I am really impressed with the knowledge and effort right throughout the school. The understanding of the Sacraments was superb as was knowing how God shows love. All of the books were well presented and unbelievably neat with all work marked and responded to by the children. It is obvious that a huge amount of effort goes into this subject by staff and children alike.”

We follow the Come and See R.E. Curriculum.

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The parent newsletters are sent out termly explaining the topic for each year group. Topics are also highlighted on each weeks newsletter

Parents Newsletter Letter to parents Spring 2018

Awe and Wonder- the Big Questions

Awe and Wonder week enables pupils and staff to contemplate all that God has given to us and why.



Some Big Questions that we asked during this term include:

Who am I?

Why am I precious?

Why do we have family?

Autumn Topic 1 Domestic Church

Early Years

Myself God knows and loves each one

145  146 147

Year 1

Family God’s love and care for every family

150 151 152

Year 2

Beginnings God at every beginning

157 158 160

Year 3

Homes God’s dream for every family

163   164

Year 4

People The family of God in Scripture

165  166  167

Year 5

Ourselves Created in the image and likeness of God


Year 6

Loving God, who never stops loving



Autumn topic 2: Belonging <-> Baptism/Confirmation


EYFS: Welcome – Baptism: a welcome to God’s family

043 044 045

046 049 047

Year 1: Belonging – Baptism: an invitation to belong to God’s family

041   038039


Year 2: Signs & Symbols – Signs and symbols in Baptism

034   035  036

Year 3: Promises – Promises made at Baptism

051  052

Year 4: Called – Confirmation: a call to witness

055054 056

Year 5: Life Choices – Marriage, commitment and service

066 065 063

Year 6: Vocation and Commitment – The vocation of priesthood and religious life


Autumn Topic 3 Loving <-> Advent/Christmas

EYFS: Birthday – Looking forward to Jesus’ birthday

Year 1: Waiting – Advent: a time to look forward to Christmas


Year 2: Preparations – Advent: preparing to celebrate Christmas

Year 3: Visitors – Advent: waiting for the coming of Jesus

Year 4: Gifts – God’s gift of love and friendship in Jesus


Year 5: Hope – Advent: waiting in joyful hope for Jesus, the Promised One

Year 6: Expectations – Jesus born to show God to the world


Some Big Questions can be asked during Advent. We asked Big Questions when we went to the Stations of Advent.

DSCF0231 DSCF0232 DSCF0233 DSCF0234


Spring Topic 1: Community <-> Local Church

EYFS: Celebrating – People celebrate in church

Year 1: Special People – People in the parish family

Year 2: Books – The books used in church

Year 3: Journeys – Christian family’s journey with Jesus

Year 4: Community – Life in the local Christian community; ministries in the parish

Year 5: Mission – Continuing Jesus’ mission in the diocese (ecumenism)

Year 6: Sources – The Bible, the special book for the Church

Spring topic 2: Relating <-> Eucharist


EYFS: Gathering – The parish family gathers to celebrate Eucharist

Year 1: Meals – Mass: Jesus’ special meal

Year 2: Thanksgiving – Mass, a special time for saying thank you to God for everything, especially Jesus


Year 3: Listening & Sharing – Jesus gives himself to us in a special way

Year 4: Giving & Receiving – Living in communion

Year 5: Memorial Sacrifice – The Eucharist: the living memorial of Jesus’ sacrifice

Year 6: Unity – Eucharist enables people to live in communion

Spring topic 3: Giving <-> Lent/Easter


EYFS: Growing – Looking forward to Easter

Year 1: Change – Lent: a time for change

Year 2: Opportunities – Lent: an opportunity to start anew in order to celebrate Jesus’ new life

Year 3: Giving All – Lent: a time to remember Jesus’ total giving

Year 4: Self-discipline – Celebrating growth to new life

Year 5: Sacrifice – Lent: a time of aligning with the sacrifice already made by Jesus

Year 6: Death & New Life – Celebrating Jesus’ death and resurrection


Summer Topic 3: Universal Church

EYFS: Our world – God’s wonderful world

IMG_0169[1]   IMG_0168[1]IMG_0161[1]


Year 1: Neighbours – Neighbours share God’s world

IMG_0164[1]      IMG_0166[1]

Year 2: Treasures – God’s treasure; the world


Year 3: Special places – Holy places for Jesus and the Christian

IMG_0188[1]     IMG_0189[1]

Year 4: God’s people – Different saints show people what God is like



Year 5: Stewardship – The Church is called to the stewardship of Creation

IMG_0207[1]    IMG_0204[1]

Year 6: Common good – Work of the worldwide Christian community

IMG_0201[1]   IMG_0202[1]


Recently, our RE Governor  visited school.  She had been invited to look at the RE displays in every classroom and in the general school environment.

She was impressed by the attractive nature of the displays and by some high quality pupil work on display.  There were inventive ways of displaying key words to promote our children’s developing religious vocabulary.


She has challenged us to incorporate ICT and promote interaction in all topic displays in order to enhance the children’s learning.

Pupil Interviews

We have recently interviewed pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 to invite their views on RE.  Here are their honest and enthusiastic responses!

What do the pupils enjoy about R.E?

LLeyton  – It’s fun!

Tia  – I liked New Beginnings and what we learnt. Judaism.

Daniel  – I liked learning about Baptism in Promises.

Summer  – We learn about gifts from God and our gifts to God.

Billy  – I like preparing Collective Worship using Come and See lessons.

Quade- I like reflecting on how Jesus is in my life.

How could R.E. lessons be improve?

Lily  – Maybe bring our two classes together?

Jonathon  – Look at the mind map every lesson to add what you’ve done.

What prayers do you know?

Our favourites are:-

  • Our School Prayer;
  • Eternal Rest;
  • Morning Offering;
  • Rosary;
  • Hail Mary;
  • Our Father;
  • Grace Before Meals;
  • Act of Contrition;
  • Sign of the Cross;
  • Goodnight God.

What do you think it means to be a Christian?

Lucy  – God takes care of us and Jesus.

Tia  – we never forget about God.

Millie and Daniel – You can be an example and others might follow Jesus.  It means to be a follower of the light.

Summer and Jonathan  – You follow God and Jesus, spread the love and respect people.  You live in the light.

Libby and Billy  – To be part of God’s family.  God is always with us.

Lily, Annie-Mae and Josh  – To be God’s witness,  To believe in unconditional love of God for us.  He leads is into the path of commitment to do what we love.

Thank you children for your time and for sharing your love of RE with me.  Your excitement in your faith is truly inspiring.  


Traditional Prayers for Year 1 and Year 2

Traditional Prayers for Nursery and Reception

Traditional Prayers for Key Stage2