Family Learning

Spring 2018

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Family Club

We love to read!

Thank you to all that came to our first family club of the Spring term. We enjoyed spending time in our library and choosing our favourite stories to take home with us before heading back to our secret dens to enjoy some time reading them. We even got to take our own book home with us!

Poetry Week

Poetry, we can do it,

Let’s rhyme, let’s learn,

come on let’s move it!

This week we had lots of fun learning poems. We began by learning some simple poems and creating actions to help us.


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Glitter on my fingers,

Glitter in my hair,
Glitter on the carpet 
Glitter everywhere!


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When I’m in the bath,
I like to play for hours,
Splashing water on the floor,
Building big foam towers.

We then created poetry maps to help us remember these short poems and some even longer poems. Take a look at some of the poems we created!



Reception family literacy and numeracy

Our family learning course with Miss Taylor and Ann-Marie has begun for our reception children. Thank you to all who have begun this course. we hope you find it as practical and purposeful as our previous families have to support their child at home and gain a better insight into how they learn!


SMAAA Family Learning

Our Year so far!

Christmas Arts and Crafts

Thank you to all that came to our reception Christmas Arts and Crafts. We had a wonderful time creating our own festive calender’s!


Family Cookery

We have had a wonderful family cookery course with our year 3 families. Thank you all for your participation over the 3 weeks and we hope you have taken home lots of ideas for cooking together at home.




Our Year 4 course begins on 3rd October with all 12 places booked up. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Let’s get Moving

Let’s get moving had its first session this week. We meet every Tuesday after school, any year group welcome. 

We played a cup and saucers game to begin.

Unfortunately the grownups win with 12 to 10.


We will come back stronger next time!


This week we had lots of fun playing different parachute games. We tried to stop the ball from falling off the side then we had to run underneath and swap places with the person that was our colour. Our favourite of all was wrapping the parachute over our bodies as we sat inside.

Super siblings

This year we are launching our super siblings programme. Our siblings from years 5 and 6 will be helping their brothers and sisters in Reception with their learning. They will attend a lunchtime session once a week to play games and then practice these games at home to help our children achieve. We look forward to working together and seeing what the outcome will be!

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Throughout the half term we will be offering a range of different workshops to help support parents with their child’s learning at home and keep you informed about how your child is being taught in school. 


Take a look back at all that we got up to last year with our families in school. We had a wonderful time and thank everybody for all the support they give at home to help our children reach their fullest potential. 

Summer Term

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 Year One Phonics picnic

Thank you to all who came to our phonics picnic we had a fantastic turn out. We hoped you learnt a lot about our split graphemes and our grotty graphemes to support us reading our red words.


Phonics update EYFS

Thank you to those who came to our phonics workshops. Parents said they found it extremely useful to learn about our new Set 2 sounds and how we use our reading skills to support writing using ‘fred fingers’. Parents also explained how they found it useful to learn about our red words and our grotty graphemes.

Family Cookery Course

Thank you to all that attended our family cookery. We had 2 full 3 week workshops of 24 families in total creating lots of healthy meals and snacks. 

Thank you for your continued support


Spring Term

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Spring Craft Afternoon

Thank for your help Year 5 in leading the activities.

Story sacks

Christmas story sacks with our reception parents was as wonderful success this year with parents and children working together to create some fantastic story sacks to enjoy together over the Christmas period!

Keep an eye out for our next course for the chance to create your very own!

Maths and phonics workshops

Thank you to all who attended our maths and phonics workshops this half term. We hope you have gained a better understanding of strategies we use in school and we hope you have gained your own strategies to support your children at home!

Look out for workshops in the summer term!

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Autumn Term

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Early Years and Key Stage 1 Christmas Arts and Crafts!

Thank you to all that came to our Christmas Arts and Crafts! We had a fantastic turn out of nearly 40 families joining us! We made some wonderful Christmas things to take home and had a lovely time with our children at school!


20161129_1545241 20161129_1545241 20161129_1545171 20161129_154521120161129_154533120161129_1545391  20161129_1545431

We made Christmas calendars, a bauble for our tree, a Christmas Angel Card and a funky penguin!

Phonics workshops

We had a great attendance at our reception phonics workshops introducing fred and how he teaches us to read! Keep practising those sounds both reading and writing every day!

Thank you to all who attended our reading picnic were we got to enjoy stories with our mums and dads and we were lucky enough to take a book home to enjoy ourselves.

20161011_152002 20161011_151945 20161011_151934 20161011_151914

Thank you for those who attended our Year 1 phonics workshop! We hope it gave you an update on how your child’s reading is developing and gave you ideas for what you can do to support them at home!

Family Club

We have had two wonderful sessions at our family club so far this year! We got creative as engineers in our first week using the inventive tools of sweets and toothpicks to build structures.


20161006_161034 20161006_160328 20161006_155559 20161006_155548 20161006_155544

This week we got creative using natural spices to create autumn pictures!

20161013_16015720161013_160146 20161013_160142 20161013_160137 20161013_160204


Let’s Get Moving

Thank you to all who attended our family ‘Let’s Get Moving’ course. We had 8 families join us and we got moving and grooving in different ways each week. Take a look at our journey.

Week One we played team games!



Week Two we got groovy with Zumba!


Week Three we played team games with an added problem solving element!


Week Four we relaxed with yoga and learnt some relaxation techniques!


Thank you to all who put in their all each week and joined in with each and every activity. We hope you liked your goody bags!