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Summer Term

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 Year One Phonics picnic

Thank you to all who came to our phonics picnic we had a fantastic turn out. We hoped you learnt a lot about our split graphemes and our grotty graphemes to support us reading our red words.


Phonics update EYFS

Thank you to those who came to our phonics workshops. Parents said they found it extremely useful to learn about our new Set 2 sounds and how we use our reading skills to support writing using ‘fred fingers’. Parents also explained how they found it useful to learn about our red words and our grotty graphemes.

Family Cookery Course


Due to high demand for our 3 week cookery course, we have offered two courses this year for year 1 and 2 families in May and June both of which are now full. If you did not get the chance to attend this year, keep and eye out for next years courses.

Thank you for your continued support





Spring Term

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Spring Craft Afternoon

Thank for your help Year 5 in leading the activities.

Story sacks

Christmas story sacks with our reception parents was as wonderful success this year with parents and children working together to create some fantastic story sacks to enjoy together over the Christmas period!

Keep an eye out for our next course for the chance to create your very own!

Maths and phonics workshopsImage result for maths cartoon

Thank you to all who attended our maths and phonics workshops this half term. We hope you have gained a better understanding of strategies we use in school and we hope you have gained your own strategies to support your children at home!

Look out for workshops in the summer term!

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Autumn Term

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Early Years and Key Stage 1 Christmas Arts and Crafts!

Thank you to all that came to our Christmas Arts and Crafts! We had a fantastic turn out of nearly 40 families joining us! We made some wonderful Christmas things to take home and had a lovely time with our children at school!


20161129_1545241 20161129_1545241 20161129_1545171 20161129_154521120161129_154533120161129_1545391  20161129_1545431

We made Christmas calendars, a bauble for our tree, a Christmas Angel Card and a funky penguin!

Phonics workshops

We had a great attendance at our reception phonics workshops introducing fred and how he teaches us to read! Keep practising those sounds both reading and writing every day!

Thank you to all who attended our reading picnic were we got to enjoy stories with our mums and dads and we were lucky enough to take a book home to enjoy ourselves.

20161011_152002 20161011_151945 20161011_151934 20161011_151914

Thank you for those who attended our Year 1 phonics workshop! We hope it gave you an update on how your child’s reading is developing and gave you ideas for what you can do to support them at home!

Family Club

We have had two wonderful sessions at our family club so far this year! We got creative as engineers in our first week using the inventive tools of sweets and toothpicks to build structures.


20161006_161034 20161006_160328 20161006_155559 20161006_155548 20161006_155544

This week we got creative using natural spices to create autumn pictures!

20161013_16015720161013_160146 20161013_160142 20161013_160137 20161013_160204


Let’s Get Moving

Thank you to all who attended our family ‘Let’s Get Moving’ course. We had 8 families join us and we got moving and grooving in different ways each week. Take a look at our journey.

Week One we played team games!



Week Two we got groovy with Zumba!


Week Three we played team games with an added problem solving element!


Week Four we relaxed with yoga and learnt some relaxation techniques!


Thank you to all who put in their all each week and joined in with each and every activity. We hope you liked your goody bags!




Take a look at the exciting things that have happened in our school with our families in the past year!


Cookery Course!

Our cookery course is up and running for Year 3 and Year 4 parents and children taking place on Tuesday afternoons with Ann-Marie.

Impact Maths

Ann-Marie will be handing out Impact Maths activities for Year 3 parents to help support them with mastery skills and problem solving.



Family Club 

We have had a wonderful Family Club group this year and it has been great to see new faces. The club has finished for this year but will resume again next school year. Thank you for all that came and took part in the activities!

Would you like to join us next year? Have a look at what we got up to!

We have created our own paper sculptures. Week one we built the colours by mixing a small amount of colour to the primary colour to reach the final result. We then used these colours to create our own paper sculptures. We had fun getting creative thinking of new designs!


20160615_161550 20160615_161526 20160615_16151120160615_161502







This week we got creative!!! We created our our tie dye art by dabbing felt tip in circles onto a paper tower and then using a pippet to drip water onto the ink and watched it spread. We continued this until we created a beautiful pattern and then unfolded it to see it repeated 3 times. We then created our own frames!

We also welcomed our first dad and grandma to the club, it was great to see you both there joining in the fun!!!

20160511_154142 20160511_154147 20160511_154151 20160511_154154 20160511_15415720160511_161121


This week we enjoyed the sunshine and got busy helping our SMAAA in Bloom in our early years garden. We had fun getting our hands grubby!

20160504_154411 20160504_154415 20160504_154419   20160504_154438 20160504_155357 20160504_155402 20160504_155526 20160504_155635 20160504_155710 20160504_155819 20160504_155945 20160504_160026 20160504_160402

In our first family club session we created our own bird feeders using pipe cleaners and cheerio’s. We then smothered bagels in sticky peanut butter and dunked it in birdseeds! we hope the birds will enjoy them as much as we did making them!!!


20160427_154859 20160427_154908 20160427_154915 20160427_154928 20160427_154921


Next week we will be helping SMAAA in Bloom and doing some gardening in the Early Years playground! All welcome so I look forward to seeing you there!


This Year so Far:

Writing Workshop


Thank you to all of those who attended our EYFS and Key Stage 1 workshop with their child. It was a great opportunity to keep updated on what stage your child is up to in their learning at school and provide ways to support this at home!

World Book Day

Stay and Read

Thank you to those who attended our stay and read World Book Day event! Both children and parents really enjoyed sharing stories together!

20160303_153022 20160303_153027 20160303_153017 20160303_152439 20160303_152436 20160303_152432

Writing Workshop Reception

Thank you to all who attended our writing workshop. We talked about how to use ‘fred talk’ and found out how to teach red words introducing a grotty grapheme. Parents came away with a whole new confidence for supporting their child at home making comments such as; 

‘I found it really useful learning about the grotty grapheme.’

‘I didn’t realise how I was correcting my child but now I understand how to teach them at the level they are at now.’ 

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Share Course  

Thank you to all those parents who dedicated themselves attending the course each and every week. Both parents and children thoroughly enjoyed the course and the impact on children’s learning has been fantastic!

Science Workshops

A big thank you to Ann-Marie. The KS1 science workshops were a great success this year with up to 40 families attending the two events. There was lots of fun filled activities and learning throughout and great ideas to complete your own scientific investigations at home! Keep an eye out for similar workshops throughout the year!


20151117_143715  20151117_143841 20151117_143849 20151117_143940

 20151117_144219 20151117_144307 20151117_144314 20151117_144415   20151117_144654     20151117_145603 20151117_145804

Have a look at Sam flying his aeroplane.


Maths Workshop Reception

Thank you to all parents who attended our maths workshop. It was great to see mums and dads attending and I look forward to seeing how you get on with your games at home!


Successes from Last Year!!


Many of our events take place each year so if something takes your fancy, feel free to contact Miss Ikin (Reception Class Teacher) or Ann Marie Miller (Family Learning Team) for more information.

Family Fun

Our family learning team ran a ‘Family Fun Packs’ with our nursery children. They  enjoyed taking their activities home and playing them with their families.


Coping with Kids

IMG_0142[1] IMG_0143[1] IMG_0144[1]

This term Ann-Marie ran our “Coping with Kids.” Parents came away with lots of helpful tips to support their child at home.

 Year 3 also completed Impact maths homework. Thank you for all those who supported this project at home, it really did have an impact on your child’s progress!!!

Family Numeracy and Literacy with Reception

Family Numeracy and Literacy was a great success this year with our biggest ever turn out of parents joining us every week. Our parents and children joined in with a range of exciting activities including creating their own ‘Bear Hunt’ story maps, re-enacting the Chinese New Year race learning all about ordinal numbers and much much more!!!

Thank you to all parents who have taken part and a big thank you to Miss Taylor and Ann-Marie for supporting the successful project!!!

Keep an eye out for any other project that you can become involved with!!!

Family Club

KS1 Family Club has been a real hit! Thank you to all those parents and children who are attended last year! 




   Look at our Spring Term project – We created our own board games!!! 

Making salt dough figures for our board games!!!

Getting busy making salt dough figurines for our board games!
Getting busy making salt dough figurines for our board games!






Great team effort from all!!!

Getting stuck in with the salt dough!!! Nice and messy how we like it at family club :)
Getting stuck in with the salt dough!!! Nice and messy how we like it at family club 🙂

 Miss Ikin (Reception)


Grace and Billy with their SMAAA Board Game!!!
Grace and Billy with their SMAAA Board Game!!!


Rayane's completed board game!!!
Rayane’s completed board game!!!