Governor News

Summer 2018

Maria Bannister came to visit Miss Bowman Mrs Graham. She came to check that we were all prepared for the new GDPR changes in May. She checked our action plan and set us some challenging targets. Thank you Mrs Bannister.  

Spring 2018

Barbra came to school to review the Sport Premium Funding with our PE Lead. They reviewed the information and targets and set new targets for the new PE strategy 2018/2019. Barbara also observed some PE lessons. She was impressed with variety of lessons and the pupil engagement in all year groups.

Spring 2018

Maria Bannsiter came to visit our school. She came to see the new library. She had come to speak to some children about the new books that her family had donated recently. It was great to see the Nursery children having great fun listening to the stories and rhymes.

Spring 2018

Fr Andrew came to school to join in our class “Stay and Pray” Collective Worships. It was lovely to see the children lead the Collective Worship and give us some reflective Go Forth advice.

Autumn 2017

Craig Walton visited our school to participate in a careers event. He spoke to the children about his job. The children were very engaged and requested that Craig returns in the Summer term.

Autumn 2017

Pauline Burrows visited to meet with Ms Trayer the SENCo. Together they worked with children on answering key questions such as how they enjoy learning. They also chatted to the children about the progress that they had made in their books. The children were very proud.

Autumn 2017

Kerry Arands came to visit Miss Bowman and Mrs Graham to check our Single Central Record and other key information which keep our children safe. She was pleased to find that we go the extra mile to ensure that all pupils and staff are safe whilst in school.

September 2017

Today our Governors joined the staff to reflect on our Mission Statement and the questions :

  • Why are we here?
  • What do we want for our children?
  • What do we want for our school?

Their thoughts are displayed in the main entrance hall.

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Governor update on school life- click here Governor Spring

The School Council made a poster informing the Governing Body of developments over the past 2 terms.

Brian Dunn Summer 2017

Brian visited school this term to meet with the Site Manager to review Health and Safety updates since the Audit earlier in the year.

Barbra  T Summer 2017

Barbra came into school to review the Relationship and Sex Education Scheme of work alongside the RE Subject Leader and PE Subject Leader. They also monitored the links to be made between RSE and PSHE for the firthcoming school year. She also supported the PE subject leader in planning the PE curriculum for the next school year.

Craig Walton Summer 2017

Craig supported our Reading Mark throughout the year and joined our staff in their successful Silver Award in June 2017. Thank you Craig. He also enjoyed reading activities throughut the school. Craig also met with the Site Manager and completed a Health and Safety review.

Maria Bannister Spring 2017

Maria came to school to review online safety for pupils and staff. She gave an indepth insight into forthcoming changes for all members of the school community with regards to data protection etc.

Philip Rushton Spring 2017

Philip came to school this term to complete a review of the role of the School Business Manager. he also reviewed the Single Central Record and this is monitored and reviewed each term.

B Tolmie Spring 2017

Ms Tolmie cam to school to support many activities this term, including Yr 4 Easter dance for Good Friday. She led the Year 4 pupils in their performance for all our school community.

Pauline Burrows Spring 2017

Pauline came to school to support our SENCO in the SEN Audit. She completed pupil interviews and a book scrutiny.

Fr Andrew and Kerry Arands Spring 2017

Both Fr Andrew and Kerry joined the staff in school on the Archdiocese Inspection this term. They gave the Inspector an insight to the Catholic life in our school.

Kerry Arands Dec 2016

Kerry came to school to check our Safeguarding process in school. She worked with Mrs Graham and checked our Single Central Record. She also looked at our RE books. She wrote, “I am really impressed with the knowledge and effort right across the school. The understanding of the Sacraments was superb as was knowing how God shows love.”

Craig Walton Dec 2016

Craig came to school to take part in a Learning Walk with Miss Canavan. He also had a sneaky look at the building work that had taken place in our new library. Craig was very impressed with how well the children were working in all classes.

Pauline Burrows Nov 2016

Pauline met with Ms Trayer (SENCo) and Miss Canavan (Disadvantaged Lead) to interview pupils about their school work. The children talked to Pauline about how they work and what they enjoy in school. They talked about the support that they get to reach their full potential.

Barbara T Oct and Nov 2016

Our Governor Barbara worked with Year 1 this term. She prepared and helped the children perform their “Bury the Dead” dance for the Year of Mercy. We were all touched by the reverence of the very young children.

Governors Meet the School Council July 2016

Our final meeting of the year was initially led by the School Council who reflected on their year. They discussed their best moments including sporting events, favourite trips, taking part in fund raising activities and meeting new friends.

Barbara Tolmie July 2016

Barbara joined the children and staff as we participated in our CAFOD Pilgrimage. The Year 6 pupils led our pilgrimage and helped us reflect on the difficulties of being a refugee.

Craig Walton and Barbara Tolmie June 2016

Craig and Barbara visited school to take part in one of our Reading Afternoons. Craig commented on the fantastic behaviour of the children and their interest and enthusiasm for reading. Barbara had written her own stories and shared them with  the children. Year 4 loved her the adventures that she had written about.

Pauline Burrows May 2016

Pauline visited school to fulfil her role as SEN Governor. She met with the SENCO. Together they interviewed pupils and completed a book scrutiny. They also completed a Learning Walk together to see differentiation in the classrooms.

Maria Banister (April 2016)

Maria joined the staff on the April INSET day. She contributed to the R.E. Self evaluation document. She also observed our staff update their online Prevent Training and Team Training. Maria also met with the Computing Lead in her role as Digital Lead Governor.

Fr A Rowlands (April 2016)

Fr Andrew joined the staff during our INSET day. The staff worked together on updating the Mission Statement and Vision. He also joined in updating the R.E. Self Evaluation Document and took part in the staff praying together during Come and See for yourself.

Barbara T (Feb 2016)

Barbara is currently coming into school to take part in Science and reading activities. She is challenging the children and giving them tasks that help them to discuss and debate as they learn.

Barbara  T (Dec 2015)

Barbara joined Year 5 on their exciting visit to John Moore’s  University when they took part in the Christmas Science Lectures. The children were amazed by the lecture and how big the universe is. Barbara was delighted to be part of the learning and could only sing the praises of the children and their enthusiasm for learning.

Kerry Arands (Nov 2015)

Kerry visited today to monitor Safeguarding. She checked our policy and procedures with the Headteacher and Safeguarding Lead. She also met with the pupils who could tell her how to keep themselves  safe and who keeps them safe. Kerry was really pleased to know that our children were so confident talking about safety and being happy.

Barbara T and Pauline Burrows (Sept 2015)

Barbara and Pauline met with Mr Arnold and the School Council. They discussed their aims for the forthcoming year and the Governors questioned them on how they would be able to evaluate their work as the year progressed. The Council discussed how they would celebrate their achievements for the school and local community.

Kerry Arands – (Safeguarding Governor June 2015)

As ever Kerry had a great time visiting our school today – “it was a pleasure as always. I have never seen children as excited as the Nursery pupils who were learning about caterpillars. I know more about caterpillars and butterflies than I have ever known.” Kerry did get down to the serious business of looking at how we “Keep Children Safe” by speaking to our children about behaviour and e-safety along with Senior Leaders.

Pauline Burrows (SEND Governor Feb 2015)

Pauline had a wonderful morning with Ms Trayer and our children. She was delighted with the pupils enthusiasm and repsonses to the questions about learning, school life and other areas of development such as e-safety. She also looked at books with the children and Ms Trayer. Next time she comes to school she will be doing a Learning Walk.

Fr Andrew (Chair of Governors) Jan 2015

Fr Andrew attended all of our community Collective Worship during January. We were delighted to invite him to school and have him pray with us along with parents and families.

Barbara T (Foundation Governor) – Spring 2015

Ms Tolmie is ensuring that the Year 6 pupils have  a great time during dance. Her enthusiasm and love of dance is engaging the children. It is fabulous to see the children dancing the “tango”. Keep it up children.

Brian Dunn (Foundation Governor) Dec 2014

During Advent Mr Dunn visited school and met our new School Council led Mr Arnold. He had a good walk around school to check our Health and Safety processes.

Phil Carney (Foundation Governor – R.E.) Dec 2014

Phil Carney came into school this week to monitor R.E. stanards with our R.E. Leader Miss Mcloughlin. He was impressed with the “impeccable” behaviour amongst other things. He monitored displays, some books and planning. His findings were reported to the Full Governors in Dec 2014. Thank you Phil.

Annmaria Miller ( Parent Governor) and Phil Carney ( Foundation Governor) Sept 2014 

Annmaria and Phil came to school to help complete the School Development Plan. Annmaria would like to monitor and support more parental links in Early years and wrieing. Phil would like to support the R.E. Subject Leader in achieving her action plan priorities this year.

Pauline Burrows ( SEN Governor) and Barbara Tolmie (Vice Chair of Governors) Sept 2014

Pauline and Barbara joined the staff on their first staff INSET of the year 1st Sept 2014). They participated in the development of the School Development Plan. They also joined the staff on further training regarding the New Curriculum (planning and assessment). To conclude the day all the staff and Governors took part in a Collective Worship together.

Brian Dunn – School Council Governor (June 2014)

Brian met with Miss Mitchinson and the School Council. The children gave him and update on what they had been doing for our school and what they would like to achieve next. Brian was impressed as always with the politeness and determination of the School Council.

SEN Governor Pauline Burrows (June 2014)

Pauline met with staff and the SENCo Ms Trayer at a staff meeting. She took part in training on the Special Needs Code of Practice which begins in Sept 2014. The staff and Pauline took part in activities that would support Ms Trayer in her preparation for the Local Offer that the school will publish ready for September 2014.

RE Governor Phil Carney (March 2014)

Phil came into school this week to work with Miss Mcloughlin on monitoring her action plan. He looked at RE data, monitoring files and the RE Self-Evaluation Document.

Fr Andrew – Chair of Governors (February 2014)

Fr Andrew came into school to support Year 3 in their RE Topic of Listening and Sharing. He supported the pupils in their understanding of the sacred vessels in the celebration of the gifts during Mass.

AnnMaria Miller- Parent Governor (February 2014)

AnnMaria set up activities during our Open Afternoon event this week. She supported school by working with pupils and parents on art and craft activities in the hall. She also came along to the Cafe. AnnMaria also supported our Cross Country team in March when SMAAA hosted the event for Kirkby schools.

Kerry Arrands – Safeguarding Governor (February 2014)

Kerry came into school this week to support the Key Stage 2 children who are learning about “Community,” in the  RE Topic based on Eucharist. She gave an inspirational talk to the children about how she supports the parish and what she recieves in return. 

Phil Carney – Parent Governor (November 2013)

Phil is our R.E. governor.  He generously arranged to spend a whole morning at our school reviewing all things to do with our Come and See curriculum, including samples of children’s work and looking at Collective Worship.  He was very impressed!  Year 3 had written him a letter earlier in the term so he visited them and was entertained with a rousing rendition of their Roman song.  We look forward to another visit from Mr Carney and appreciate the time and support he gives so freely.

Advent Dance – Barbara T (December 2013)

Barbara came into school to support Year 5 in their Advent dance assembly themed on their RE Topic -Hope. She encouraged the children to work together on their dance moves which symbolised the beginning of Advent for the school and church community.

Roman Dance- Barbara T (October 2013)

Our foundation governor, Barbara Tolmie, has shared her expertise and experience in PE as she led our Year 4 staff and children in a series of workshops, exploring the Roman army through dance.  the children really enjoyed themselves and presented their work to parents during the last session. Our Y4 governor, Kerry Arands, also joined in one of the sessions and showed us all how to march correctly.  All involved had a great time learning new skills and working together.

Governor Visits- Week Beginning 9th (Sept 2013)

Governors visited school this week to help staff plan for school improvement this year. They also visited classes and met with the School Council. They were very  impressed with behaviour, manners and the progress that the pupils are making.

Basic Skills Quality Mark

Thank you to the Governors who supported our successful renewal of the QM this summer.

Health and Safety – Brian Dunn (May 2013)

Brian visited school today and completed a walk around with our Site Manager. He thought that the school had lovely displays

and he commented that the children and school are clearly valued and loved by everyone. 

SEND Governor -Pauline Burrows (May 2013)

Miss Burrows met with Miss Trayer for the day. They monitored pupil progress and took the time to interview pupils to seek their views on teaching and learning across the Key Stages.

Kerry Arrands- Learning Walk (April 2013)

Mrs Arrands, Miss Trayer and Mr Lewis our Designated safeguardig Officer completed a Learning Walk in April.  They went into all classes and were pleased to see high levels of engagement in a variety of lessons. 

IT Governor Maria Bannister March 2013

Miss Banister  met with Mrs Forrest to prepare for our application for the 360 Degree Award.  This award involves pupils, staff, parens and Governors working together to ensure that we are safe online and use IT equipment effectively.

Read Write Inc Visit February

Today (11th February) Kerry Arands visited our school to see how the children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 learn how to read and write in their Read Write Inc sessions.  She saw paired reading and blending, phonic treasure hunts, guided reading and hold a sentence writing.This is what she thought……

Having listened to good reviews of Read Write Inc at Governors’ meetings and at a presentation to the Governors I decided to find out how it actually worked as I was rather cynical! This was all due to the fact that I am what I consider to be a ‘victim’ of I.T.A. taught in the 1970s. This was a phonetic alphabet system used to teach children to read but wasn’t a great help to me, in fact, I would describe it, putting it mildly, as being a real hindrance.

Anyway, Miss Bowman invited me to see it in action so in I came. I visited all the Reception and Year 1 groups and have to say how impressed I was. The children were all in small groups based on current ability and the first things that jumped out at me were the enthusiasm and brilliant behaviour. All the children were fully participating in the group and partner work and were totally engaged. The teaching was so dynamic that the children couldn’t get bored and they also had nowhere to hide due to the small pupil numbers. They also all appeared to be really confident about joining in without any fear of getting things wrong as things moved on so quickly. Rewards also came very quickly as no sooner had sounds been learned than they were put in practice in stories that were read by the children themselves. The progression from this in some groups to the writing of sentences and stories in others was also lovely to see.

In the short time I was with each group I could see each child making progress and this had to be partly due to the enthusiasm of all the staff and incredibly good behaviour of all the children. I started off a cynic but left feeling really optimistic and looking forward to seeing if the results in a few years time confirm how good this is.