Committee Remit

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All Committees follow the Seven Principles of Public Life outlined by Lord Nash including:

  1. selflessness;
  2. integrity;
  3. objectivity;
  4. accountability;
  5. openness;
  6. honesty; and
  7. leadership. 


Governors are responsible for overseeing the financial performance of the school in accordance of    the approved finance policy & procedures and making sure its money is well spent and Best Value Principles are met. Governors also oversee Performance Management and contribute to the SDP and self-evaluation documents; and scrutinise the recruitment of staff ensuring that the Leadership Team discharge their legal duties in relation to safeguarding and appropriate employment legislation.

Teaching and Learning

The main role of the committee is to monitor and support all aspects of pupil attainment and progress, follow up on action points and review provision in school. Governors also contribute to the SDP and self-evaluation documents; and promote the good reputation of the school engage with the school leadership team.


Governors will consider and recommend to the governing body, and review as   appropriate from time to time policies relating to management of staff, including the school pay and performance management policies; and Draft personnel policies (or review/adapt the LA models supplied) including those relating to appointment of staff, health and safety, discipline, grievance and present them to the governing body for approval.

Premises, H&S and Wellbeing

Governors will communicate key health, safety and well being information to all employees; receive reports on health and safety management and performance including audit reports, accident and incident reports, occupational ill health and sickness absence reports; and act as the main forum for consultation on key strategic health, and safety and well being issues.