[themify_box color=”blue” icon=”comment”]Homework is a time for children and families to research, practice and learn new skills and knowledge.[/themify_box]

[themify_box color=”yellow”]We will be introducing homework in a variety of ways over the Autumn 2020 Term. This will enable pupils to access home learning in a variety of ways including remote education support. Keep your eyes peeled for the new changes that we are planning for you all. [/themify_box]

Some tasks are best completed daily e.g. spellings and times tables.

Reading is also a good time to relax and spend time together each day.

Other tasks that are given out weekly or fortnightly include Creative, Talk Time and Practice Makes Perfect.


Creative tasks may include model making or researching a topic. It can also be answering a question such as “How did the Victorians help us?”


Talk Time tasks may include questions or debating topics that will help your child to prepare for a lesson later in the week. It may focus on a character or topic such as science e.g. How do we keep warm in winter?

Practice makes Perfect may include a set of questions relating to a maths calculations such as division. Alternatively it could be practicing using technical language such as adverbs etc.

For more information about homework please go the class page for your child or ask the class teacher for advice.

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