Year 4 (Class 9 and 10)

Class 9 and Class 10’s Page! 

   Ms Hester, Miss Rossiter and Miss McKay 

Happy New Year, Year 4, children, parents and carers.

We hope you are all safe and well.

Hello Year 4 children, parents and carers. Welcome to Year 4!

We are very excited to have you all back safe and well and we are all really looking forward to working together in school, once again.

On this page you will find up to date information about our current topics, key information and dates for your diary.


Mission Statement

At St Michael and All Angels School we are a Christian Community where everybody is valued and recognised for their unique contribution. We provide a child-centred education in a positive learning environment in which all children may reach their full potential. The Gospel values of love and respect are at the heart of our partnership with parents and carers, Governors, the parish and wider community.

How we live out the mission statement in Year 4

Everyone is valued and recognised

By celebrating our differences

By listening to everyone’s ideas.


Positive learning environment

Use our working walls to help us

Listen and obey the class / school rules

Create rules at the beginning of each year

We can get help when we need it


Reach our full potential

Complete all of our work

We are challenged through our work

Complete homework tasks on time

Read to improve our skills every day

We try our best in every lesson

We take care with our presentation and handwriting


Love and respect

By playing nicely with each other

Welcoming new visitors

Including everyone on the playground

Show kindness at all times

Show respect

Cheer each other up

Take care of others when they are sick

As a School, we are currently in the process of reviewing our Mission Statement.  The staff and pupils have done some work around it and we would appreciate and welcome any feedback from parents.

Yr 4 Curriculum Map

Yr 4 Curriculum Map 2020-2021 

Class Dojos

Classes 9 and 10’s reward system is Class Dojos. Children can earn them for having a positive attitude towards their work, effort, a high standard of work, teamwork, caring for others, challenging themselves and many more. Children will be rewarded with prizes / certificates. However, class dojos can also be lost for unacceptable behaviour, lack of  homework etc. 


We aim for 100% attendance in every class. We want our children in school each day so that they have every opportunity to learn and develop in order to reach their full potential. Dojos are given each week for 100% attendance.


Children can bring in a healthy snack each day to take onto the playground with them. Good examples are any fruit / vegetables, cheese, toast. Please don’t bring in chocolate bars, biscuits, cereal bars or crisps as SMAAA is a healthy school.


For the time being, children will be eating their lunch in their classroom. Can we ask that the children bring packed lunches into school in a plastic bag so that they can be thrown away after lunch time. Monday – Thursday school will offer a range of sandwiches (ham, cheese, egg and tuna)  and on a Friday children will also be able to get fish and chips.


Year 4’s P.E. day is Wednesday each week. Children should come to school in their P.E. kits which should include the following:

– Yellow T shirt

– Royal Blue shorts

– Jumper/cardigan

– Come with  trainers on and track suite bottoms over PE kit


Autumn 1 

Reading and writing-Mouse, Bird, Snake Wolf.

Mathematics-Place Value.

Science-Animals including humans and Teeth.


D.T Food Technology-Apple crumble.

P.E-Speed bounce competition and Tennis.

Children must come into school wearing their PE kit on Wednesday. PE is Wednesday afternoon.

Computing-My Online Life

M.F.L-Welcome to our school

The children have all settled in really quickly and are working hard together again.

***Competition – W/C 21st September***

Hi everyone, Can we ask you to spare a few minutes? We are doing a school competition this week to see which class can get the most responses to our Mission Statement input. The class with the most responses will receive a special movie afternoon next week 🎥🎬 All you have to do is click the link, answer a few questions and then click submit. At SMAAA we value your input 😇 

Link –


Keep a look out here for homework each week.


Other Homework










All Subjects


Class 9 School Representatives:

School Councillors – Heidi and Tyler

Eco Warriors – Orlagh and Callum

Reading Ambassadors – Reily and Ava

Digital Leaders – Jacob and Darcie

Healthy Champions – Lola and Harry R

Worship Warriors – Lyla and Kyle


Class 10 Representatives:

School Councillors – Luka and Nina

Eco Warriors – Maizie and Lily

Reading Ambassadors-  Matteo and Bella

Digital Leaders – Isaac and Radley

Healthy Champions – Lois and Isabella

Worship Warriors – Amelie and Charlotte


Follow us on twitter @SMAAAYear4  

We will update you all with all of our achievements and activities in year 4.

At St Michael and All Angels, we strive to create a magical curriculum that engages our learners with life long learning powers, enabling them to enjoy a creative and enriching experiences  alongside their friends, staff and families.

S – Sensitive
M – Motivated
A – Adaptable
A – Articulate
A – Adventurous


Hello to Year 4 children, parents and carers. Ms Hester, Miss Rossiter and Miss McKay appreciate all the work that you are doing together at home. Thank-you all so much. We really do miss seeing you all and teaching you all.  We are all looking forward to seeing you all when it is safe to do so.    In the meantime, keep taking great care of one another and keep staying safe.             


Hello to all our Year 4 children, parents and carers,

While lots of us will be required to work and learn from home in the coming weeks, we will be using this class page, our year 4 twitter page @Smaaaclass09 and Toco Mail to keep in touch with our children at home and send out work activities and support. Please keep checking these platforms for updates and new tasks. 

If you are struggling with any of the work you have been asked to complete then you can message your teachers directly via Toco Mail. 

In the mean time you can visit some of the web pages we have shared below for some extra practise

Please be practising your times tables each week.  Below are all of the times tables you should be able to recall, as well as their divisions.

times tables

Also, here are the spelling lists and common exception words Year 4 should be practising each week.


Home learning work- Week Beginning 29th June


RE Week 15


Mission Impossible story

English week 15 activity 1

English week 15 activity 2

English week 15 activity 3

English week 15 activity 4


Suffixes x4

Spelling CEW

Florence Nightingale Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity


Monday – Year-4-Summer-Block-5-Step-1-PPT-Identify-Angles


Tuesday – Year-4-Summer-Block-5-Step-2-PPT-Compare-and-Order-Angles


Wednesday – Year-4-Summer-Block-5-Step-3-PPT-Triangles


Thursday – Year-4-Summer-Block-5-Step-4-PPT-Quadrilaterals


Friday – Year-4-Summer-Block-5-Step-5-PPT-Lines-of-Symmetry



Lesson Presentation – Ingenious Images

Can You Edit Text – Activity Sheet

Formatting Images Google Docs Activity Sheet


PSHE Week 15


Creative task week 15


Lesson Presentation Classification Keys

Classification Activity Pack – Arctic Habitat – Higher Ability

Classification Activity Pack – Desert Habitat – Lower Ability

Classification Activity Pack – Ocean Habitat – Higher Ability

Classification Activity Pack – Rainforest Habitat – Medium Ability

Classification Activity Pack – Urban Habitat – Lower Ability

Classification Activity Pack – Woodland Habitat – Medium Ability


Lesson Presentation Dragon Bones

Activity Sheet Conducting a Divination Ceremony Comic Strip

Activity Sheet Conducting a Divination Ceremony Events

Activity Sheet Differentiated Dragon Bones Mystery Cracked Comprehension

Oracle Bone Model Craft Instructions


Lesson Presentation Deep Fielding

Area Plan Deep Fielding Game

Differentiation Cards

Non Participation Sheet

Cool-Down Cards


Reflect, Rewind and Replay Y4 Step 4

Step 4 Reflect, Rewind and Replay Y4 One-page Lesson Plan


Lo To create a torch




Home learning work- Week Beginning 22nd June


RE Week 14


Monday – Year-4-Summer-Block-4-Step-1-PPT-Interpret-Charts


Tuesday – Year-4-Summer-Block-4-Step-2-PPT-Comparison-Sum-and-Difference


Wednesday – Year-4-Summer-Block-4-Step-3-PPT-Introducing-Line-Graphs


Thursday – Year-4-Summer-Block-4-Step-4-PPT-Line-Graphs


Friday – Year-4-Summer-Block-4-Consolidation-Statistics


Mission Impossible story

Week 14 English activity 1

Week 14 English activity 2

Week 14 English activity 3

Week 14 English activity 4





Week 14 Recognising speech activity 1

Week 14 Recognising speech activity 2

Week 14 Punctuating speech activity 3

Week 14 Direct or indirect_ activity 4

Spelling CEW

Week 14 handwriting


Computing Week 14


PSHE Week 14



Creative week 14


Week 14 Spanish face and body parts

Science-Week 14

Lesson Presentation Invertebrate Hunt

Activity Sheet Invertebrate Hunt

Activity Sheet Invertebrate Identification

Invertebrate Classification Word Mat

Invertebrates Classification Key

History- Week 14

Lesson Presentation Gods and Kings

Activity Sheet Shang Religion Notes

Activity Sheet Shang Religion Presentation – Ancestor Worship

Activity Sheet Shang Religion Presentation – Ceremonies

Activity Sheet Shang Religion Presentation – Gods

Activity Sheet Shang Religion Presentation – The King

Activity Sheet Shang Religion Presentation – Tombs and Burial

Activity Sheet Shang Religion Quiz

PE-Week 14

Lesson Presentation Backstop and Bases

Area Plan Races around Bases

Area Plan Triangle Training

Differentiation Cards

Non Participation Sheet

Cool-Down Cards

DT-Week 14

To design a torch


Music-Week 14

Step 3 Reflect, Rewind and Replay Y4 One-page Lesson Plan

Reflect, Rewind and Replay Y4 Step 3

Home learning work-Week Beginning 15th June


RE Week 13


Monday – Year-4-Summer-Block-3-Step-1-PPT-Hours-Minutes-and-Seconds Y


Tuesday – Year-4-Summer-Block-3-Step-2-PPT-Years-Months-Weeks-and-Days


Wednesday – Year-4-Summer-Block-3-Step-3-PPT-Analogue-to-Digital-12-Hour


Thursday – Year-4-Summer-Block-3-Step-4-PPT-Analogue-to-Digital-24-Hour


Friday – Year-4-Summer-Block-3-Consolidation-Time


Mission Impossible story

English week 13 activity 1

English Week 13 activity 2

English week 13 activity 3

English week 13 activity 4


Pronouns or nouns

Week 13 Pronouns and nouns activity 1

Week 13 Pronouns and nouns activity 2

Garden Birds Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Spelling CEW

Handwriting practise wk13


Computing Week 13


Creative week 13


PSHE Week 13

Science-Week 13

Lesson Presentation Classifying Vertebrates

Activity Sheet Key Questions

Activity Sheet Vertebrates

Vertebrates Photo Sorting Cards

History-Week 13

Lesson Presentation Living in the Shang Dynasty

Shang Life Display Pictures

Shang Character Cards

Craftsmen and Merchants Information Sheet

Noble Warriors Information Sheet

Peasant Farmers Information Sheet

Priests and Government Officials Information Sheet

Slaves Information Sheet

The King and Ruling Family Information Sheet

Activity Sheet Shang People Crossword MA

Activity Sheet Shang People Quiz HA

Activity Sheet Shang People Sorting Cards LA

Activity Sheet The Shang Dynasty’s Social Hierarchy

PE -Week 13

Lesson Presentation Throwing and Catching

Cool-Down Cards

Music- Week 13

Reflect, Rewind and Replay Y4 Step 2

Step 2 Reflect, Rewind and Replay Y4 One-page Lesson Plan

DT-Week 13

LI To research famous designers

Lesson Presentation Garrett Morgan

Lesson Presentation Thomas Edison


Recall Spanish colours


Home learning work-Week Beginning 8th June


Monday – Year-4-Summer-Block-2-Step-1-PPT-Pounds-and-Pence


Tuesday – Year-4-Summer-Block-2-Step-2-PPT-Ordering-Money


Wednesday – Year-4-Summer-Block-2-Step-3-PPT-Using-Rounding-to-Estimate-Money


Thursday – Year-4-Summer-Block-2-Step-4-PPT-Four-Operations

Year-4-Summer-Block-2-Step-4-VF-Four Operations

Friday – Year-4-Summer-Block-2-Consolidation-Money


Alien report

Week 12 English Activity 1

Week 12 English Activity 2

Week 12 English Activity 3

Week 12 English Activity 4


Expanded noun phrases

Display Poster Expanded Noun Phrases A4

Week 12 Refresher expanded noun phrase activity 1

Week 12 Refresher expanded noun phrases activity 2

Week 12 Refresher- expanded noun phrases activity 3

Spelling CEW


RE Week 12


Computing Week 12


PSHE Week 12


Creative week 12


Science week 12

Lesson Presentation Grouping Living Things

Animal Picture Sheet

Activity Sheet  Grouping Animals

Activity Sheet Grouping Animals Quiz

Activity Sheet Grouping Animals Extension

History week 12

Shang Dynasty Mind map

Lesson Presentation Place in Time

Activity Sheet Blank Map of China


Activity Sheet Xiaotun Dig

Activity Sheet Great World Civilisations

Music week 12

Dancing Queen

PE week 12

Skills Poster Batting in Rounders

Lesson Presentation Batting and Bowling


D T week 12

DT Mind map


Numbers 1-30 recap


Week Beginning 18th May


Monday – Year-4-Summer-Block-1-Step-6-PPT-Halves-and-Quarters


Tuesday – Year-4-Summer-Block-1-Consolidation-Decimals

Wednesday – Year-4-Summer-Block-2-Step-1-PPT-Pounds-and-Pence


Thursday – Year-4-Summer-Block-2-Step-2-PPT-Ordering-Money


Friday – Year-4-Summer-Block-2-Step-2-HW-EXT-Ordering-Money (1)


Aliens report

English Week 9- Activity 1

English Week 9 -activity 2

English Week 9- activity 3

English week 9 -activity 4


Lesson Presentation Fronted Adverbials

Fronted Adverbials Word Mat

Fronted Adverbials Poster

Fronted adverbials refresher activity 1

Fronted adverbials refresher activity 2

Fronted adverbials refresher activity 3

Fronted adverbials refresher activity 4

Spelling and handwriting

Spelling CEW


RE Week 9


PSHE Week 9


Computing Week 9


Creative week 9

Geography-Week 9

Lesson Presentation All the Time in the World

Time Around the World Poster Editable

Activity Sheet Time Zones Editable

Science-Week 9

Lesson Presentation The Water Cycle

The Water Cycle Large Display Poster A4

Water Cycle Wheel


Let’s Get Creative with making activity below!

Activity Sheet Mini Water Worlds Editable

Music-Week 9

Blackbird Step 6 Listen and Appraise

Let It Be

Art-Week 9


Picasso Creation

PE-Week 9

Alphabet Workout

Let’s get creative.


Spanish recall days of the week, months of the year

End of Lessons for week 9

Week Beginning 11th May


Monday – Year-4-Summer-Block-1-Step-1-PPT-Make-a-Whole


Tuesday – Year-4-Summer-Block-1-Step-2-PPT-Write-Decimals


Wednesday – SSM-Year-4-Summer-Block-1-Step-3-PPT-Compare-Decimals


Thursday – Year-4-Summer-Block-1-Step-4-PPT-Order-Decimals


 Friday – Year-4-Summer-Block-1-Step-5-PPT-Round-Decimals



English Week 8 Activity 1

English Week 8 Activity 2

English Week 8 Activity 3

English Week 8 Activity 4


Prepositional phrases

Modifying Preposition Phrases Poster

Prepositional phrases activity1

Prepositional phrases activity 2

Prepositional phrases activity 3

Prepositional phrases day 4

Handwriting practise


RE Week 8

Pauls Letters Matching Task (1)


Computing Week 8


PSHE Week 8


Creative week 8


Spanish recall -numbers 11-20


Lesson Presentation On the Line

Labelled world map

Activity Sheet Countries on the Line Editable


Lesson Presentation Evaporation Investigation

Evaporation Statements

Activity Sheet Evaporation Investigation Editable

Activity Sheet Washing Line Conclusions Editable


Lesson Presentation Making a Collage Portrait

Activity Sheet My Abstract Portrait Editable

Activity Sheet My Abstract Portrait Facial Features Editable




Challenges Personal Best for Home 5

Warm up game

End of week 8 lessons.

Week beginning 4th May


Monday – Year-4-Spring-Block-4-Step-7-PPT-Hundredths


Tuesday –Year-4-Spring-Block-4-Step-8-PPT-Hundredths-As-Decimals






Friday – Year-4-Spring-Block-4-RPS-Consolidation-Decimals



Week 7 English Activity 1

Week 7 English Activity 2

Week 7 English Activity 3

Week 7 English Activity 4

Week 7 English Activity 5

Some word mats/ vocabulary to help-

Fronted adverbials

Writing word mats

Constructing an expanded noun phrase

Adjective word banks

Alternative adjectives


Lesson Presentation Plural and Possessive -s

Plural and Possessive -s activity 1

Plural and possessive -s activity 2

Plural and possessive -s activity 3

Spelling CEW


RE Week 7


ThankyouNHS-scratchjr (1)


PSHE Week 7


Creative week 7


Lesson Presentation In the Tropics

Activity Cards Tropical Weather Areas

Activity Sheet Tropical Weather Report


The investigation is one we have explored in class, not so long ago. You may remember or you may have been absent. Perhaps, it may be fun for you to take the lead and  test this at home with parents and siblings.

Lesson Presentation Wonderful Water

Activity Sheet Three States of Water

Activity Sheet Changing State

 Year 4 Scientist study.

Can you remember the other scientist we researched information about?

We presented our findings in the center pages of our science book

Lesson Presentation Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell Website Ideas Sheet

Finding Facts Activity Sheet


Song- Can’t Buy Me Love


Challenges Personal Best for Home 5


t2-a-216-all-about-picasso-powerpoint_ver_3 (1)



Spanish recall 2


So, May 8th 1945 Victory in Europe Day began with bells ringing, families dancing and singing and loved ones being  re-united and mourned.



End of week beginning 4th May

Week beginning 27th April


The King of the fishes story

English Week 6 Activity 1

English Week 6 Activity 2

English Week 6 Activity 3

English Week 6 Activity 4



Determiners poster

Determiners activity 1

Determiners activity 2

Determiners Activity 3

Determiners activity 4

Spelling- CEW


Monday – Year-4-Spring-Block-4-Step-3-PPT-Tenths-on-a-Place-Value-Grid


Tuesday – Year-4-Spring-Block-4-Step-4-PPT-Tenths-on-a-Number-Line


Wednesday – Year-4-Spring-Block-4-Step-5-PPT-Divide-1-Digit-by-10


Thursday – Year-4-Spring-Block-4-Step-6-VF-Divide-2-Digits-by-10


Friday – Friday Maths






RE Week 6


Computing Week 6


PSHE Week 6

Spain powerpoint 


Spanish recall

Home learning work for:

Week Beginning 20th April

RERE Week 5


Monday – Year-4-Spring-Block-3-Step-9-PPT-Fractions-of-a-Quantity


Tuesday – Year-4-Spring-Block-3-Step-10-PPT-Calculate Quantities


Wednesday – Year-4-Spring-Block-3-RPS-Consolidation-Fractions-Interactive


Thursday – Year-4-Spring-Block-4-Step-1-PPT-Recognise-Tenths-And-Hundredths


Friday – Year-4-Spring-Block-4-Step-2-PPT-Tenths-as-Decimals



English Week 5 Activity 1

English Week 5 Activity 2

English Week 5 Activity 3

English Week 5 Activity 4


Apostrophes activity 1

Apostrophes activity 2

Apostrophes activity 3

Apostrophes activity 4


Computing week 5

Design and Technology

D & T week 5


PSHE Week 5

Creative Task

Creative week 5


Jungle animals 2

Spanish home learning KS2



Read through the slides up to slide 9, where you will find your task.  


blank-world-map-with-equator-and-tropics (1)


Labelled world map


Science-States of Matter

#Lesson Presentation Investigating Gases

Investigation prompts


Now that’s a challenge! An investigation carried out at home. Try to let us know on either  toco mail or our class twitter page, how you got on! Good luck!

Art-Paul Klee

Have a look at the power point, you will have seen it before.

#Lesson Presentation Paul Klee


When you have completed your artwork, answer the following questions.

Can you name the painting?

Do you know which year it was painted?

Name the  shapes can you see.

Why not be creative and try and sketch your own version of the painting!



Lesson 2 song-Yellow Submarine.

Song Yellow Submarine



Week beginning 13th April


Time specific fronted adverbials

Fronted adverbials- place

Descriptive fronted adverbials

Recognising fronted adverbials


Character description

Help Mr Whoops with His Character Descriptions Poster

Write a character description


RE Week 4


Monday – Year-4-Spring-Block-3-Step-5-VF-Count-in-Fractions


Tuesday – Year-4-Spring-Block-3-Step-6-VF-Add-2-or-More-Fractions


Wednesday – Year-4-Spring-Block-3-Step-7-VF-Subtract-2-Fractions


Thursday – Year-4-Spring-Block-3-Step-8-VF-Subtract-from-Whole-Amounts


Friday – Friday


PSHE week 4


Computing week 4


Jungle animals



In this unit,  Europe, you will be naming and locating the Equator,  Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, Arctic and Antarctic Circle and date time zones.

Before you begin, can you list any countries in Europe? Have a look at the power point.

For this activity, you will be naming countries in Europe. Focus on slide 6. Good Luck!!

Introduction to Europe PowerPoint



Map of Europe with and without names


Science-States of Matter

Lesson 1   Lesson Presentation Solid Liquid or Gas

Solids Liquids Gases Sorting Activity-Task 1

Activity Sheet Particle Properties-Task 2


Lesson 1 Song Blackbird

Task-Create a poster about what you have learnt from this music lesson. You may include answers to the questions, new vocabulary and fast facts!

Art- Paul Klee

#Lesson Presentation Paul Klee



Home Learning Work for :


Week Beginning 6th April

RERE week 3

Maths – Monday

Tuesday – Year-4-Spring-Block-3-Step-2-PPT-Equivalent-Fractions-1


Wednesday – Year-4-Spring-Block-3-Step-3-VF-Equivalent-Fractions-2


Thursday – Year-4-Spring-Block-3-Step-4-PPT-Fractions-Greater-Than-1


Friday – Extension task greater than 1

EXT-Equivalent-Fractions-2 (1)


Week 3 English task 1

Week 3 English task 2

Week 3 English task 3


Can you design and create an obstacle course in your garden or house? Things you could use are cushions/pillows, garden furniture, toys to jump over, duvet to crawl under and through.  You could time youself against a brother or sister Try to be as imaginative as you can and send pictures to Twitter or Tocomail.


Spanish Easter art activity

Creative – Make an Easter egg collage.  Have a look around the house an see what reusable items you could find.  Hint: tissue paper, chocolate/crisp wrappers, newspaper, bottle tops and upload your pictures on Twitter on Tocomail.


Test your scientific knowledge by taking the quiz on Sound

History-The Vikings

Click here to follow the links and quiz yourself .


Week beginning 30th March

RE –  RE Week 2


Monday – Year-4-Spring-Block-2-Step-1-PPT-What is Area


Tuesday – Year-4-Spring-Block-2-Step-2-VF-Counting-Squares


Wednesday – Year-4-Spring-Block-2-Step-3-VF-Making-Shapes


Thursday – Year-4-Spring-Block-2-Step-4-VF-Comparing-Area


Friday – Year-4-Spring-Block-2-RPS-Consolidation-Area-Interactive


Expanded Noun Phrases poster

Week 2 –English Task 1

Week 2 English –Task 2

Week 2 English –Task 2

Week 2 English –Task 3

Week 2 English –Task 4

Week 2 –English task 5


Monday – Spag Monday

Tuesday – Spag Tuesday

Wednesday – Spag Wednesday

Thursday – Spag Thursday

Friday – Spag Friday Calculating area


Follow the links of these websites and complete the challenges on the Hour of Code.


For extra maths practice you can follow the steps in the image below for some extra online sessions –

Also, why not try to keep active indoors, while you are at home? Every morning from 9am Joe Wicks (the Body Coach) will be holding live PE sessions on his YouTube channel (the Body Coach TV). These will be saved on his page and you can do them at any time. It is a great way to burn energy and keep yourself entertained!

Finally, remember to take time to be mindful. Spend time in quiet spaces, read books, colour pictures, listen to music, observe the nature around you.  Remember, stay safe and take care.

Mrs Ferguson, Ms Hester and Miss McKay 

Home learning tasks

Science 27.03.2020 – String telephone project

All you need is some string, a sharpened pencil and 2 paper cups.


  1. Cut a long piece of string, you can experiment with different lengths but perhaps 20 metres (66 feet) is a good place to start.
  2. Poke a small hole in the bottom of each cup.
  3. Thread the string through each cup and tie knots at each end to stop it pulling through the cup (alternatively you can use a paper clip, washer or similar small object to hold the string in place).
  4. Move into position with you and a friend holding the cups at a distance that makes the string tight (making sure the string isn’t touching anything else).
  5. One person talks into the cup while the other puts the cup to their ear and listens, can you hear each other?

Let’s get creative!

How do you feel about getting creative at making your own musical instrument? When we discussed this in class, we shared some really good ideas of what we could make by using various objects. For example, we talked about how we could use kitchen roll holders and tissue boxes to make a guitar. Remember to use elastic bands for strings. Some of you talked about making a drum or shakers. Have a go! You could display you’re completed musical instrument on our Year 4 twitter page. Look forward to seeing your musical creation.
Remember to plan it first! Good luck.


 31.3.20 Science-Soundproofing

Soundproofing Lesson

Activity Sheet Soundproofed Studio Editable


We have all enjoyed learning about The Vikings. The unit is coming to an end. Last lesson we learnt about how the legal system worked in Anglo-Saxon Britain, so now,  we have an understanding of crime and punishment in Anglo-Saxon Britain. Hopefully, now we are able to compare and contrast the Anglo-Saxon and modern British justice systems.

If you missed the lesson, don’t worry, I’m sure your friends will tell you all about it!! Which brings us to the final lesson in this unit. Have a read through the power point and complete the task.

#Lesson Presentation The Last Anglo-Saxon Kings

Activity Sheet The Last Anglo-Saxon Kings Timeline – Editable

Can you remember the words from your vocabulary grid to put each word into a sentence?


Write a set of instructions about how to make a  patchwork cushion, taking inspiration from the artist Paul Klee.

What did you need?         Needle     Cotton       square pieces of material       stuffing

Number each instruction and draw a picture of how you’d like your  cushion to look when complete. 


Sadly, all steel pan drum sessions have come to an end. Write about which children were in your group, what your role and their role was,which songs you learnt and include new musical vocabulary. Draw pictures to put on our twitter page. What an amazing opportunity you all had!! Remember not to write full names. Initials will do!

PSHE-Healthy relationships.

Read the information and present your thoughts, ideas and answers to each statement, in the form of a poster.

Design a poster 1

Read the following statements  and try to answer them by drawing pictures , symbols and sentences. 

1.Explain how your actions and choices can hurt others on the outside and the inside.

2. Identify behaviours and actions that show respect for self and others.

3. Explain why it is important to ‘think’ before we act.

Poster 2- Valuing difference.

  1. Describe what it means to listen well to others.
  2. Explain why it is important to consider other people’s point of view.
  3. Recognise that it is important to take other people’s feelings into consideration before responding, especially if we don’t agree.
  4. Think of ways to challenge other people’s points of view without upsetting them.


Maths Challenge – 27.03.2020

Use multiples of the 6, 7 and 9 times tables to create a bingo grid of 9 numbers.  Ask a member of your family to read out any times tables calculations of these multiplication tables and mark them off once you work out the answer.  Maybe play with a partner and see if you can beat them by marking all of yours off first!!


On this page you will find up to date information about current topics, information about our learning and key dates for your diary.

If you have any concerns, questions or would simply like to talk to us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mission Statement

At St Michael and All Angels School we are a Christian Community where everybody is  valued and recognised  for their unique contribution. We provide a child-centred education in a positive learning environment in which all children may reach their full potential. The Gospel values of love and respect are at the heart of our partnership with parents and carers, Governors, the parish and wider community.


How we live out the Mission Statement in Year 4

Everyone is valued and recognised

We know we are all difference, but we celebrate this.

We listen to each other and show respect.


Positive learning environment

We know we can get help from our working walls and our teachers and support staff.

We listen and follow the rules.

Create a purposeful and calming working environment for everyone to learn.


Reach our full potential

Try our best in every lesson.

We enjoy being challenged in our work.

Complete all tasks on time, including homework.

We practise our basic skills every day.


Love and respect

We make sure everyone has a friend.

We like to welcome new visitors.

We respect everyone in  our school.

We are kind to each other and look after each other.

Curriculum Map 

Year 4 Curriculum Map 2020


Here is a brief overview of the curriculum  we will be learning:

LITERACY – We will be drawing inspiration from the book Oliver and the Seawigs by Philip Reeve and Susan McIntyre and we will be concentrating on using fronted adverbials in a narrative.

READING – We will read Oliver and the Seawigs as a class reader.


  • Multiplication and division – by 10 and 100, 0, 1, 6 and 9.
  • We will be continuing with learning our times tables.  How high can you climb the times tables ladder?

Religious Education

Our topics this term are:


Giving and Receiving

Self Discipline


A child Led investigation into evaporation.

States of Matter

Geography – UK – what are the push and pull factors of living in Whitby?

Design and Technology

We will be planning, designing, making and evaluating making a cushion cover, creating a patchwork style cover drawing inspiration from Paul Klee.


This half term we are taking part in dance sessions.


Please make sure children have the correct P.E kits– NO TRAINERS– children need to wear pumps. 


We will be completing a module on Hour of Code and of course, Online Safety.


  • My local area and Family Tree.


It is important that your child attends school regularly.


Homework will be given out on FRIDAY and should be returned by WEDNESDAY to celebrate our good work!  Homework will consist of spelling practise, times tables practise, completing pages of their learning log and some maths problem solving.


Snack: your child has the opportunity to buy a healthy snack during morning break– fruit, water, cheese. Alternatively, they can bring a healthy snack in with them.

Trips: We will inform you in advance if we are going on a trip.

****Football and Cross County training – this is an exciting opportunity to do some training with Mr Arnold at lunch time, providing the children display good behaviour, complete all tasks in class and at home and these are handed in on time.****

Class Dojo                

Our class reward system is Class Dojos. Children can earn them for having a positive attitude towards their work, effort, a high standard of work, teamwork, caring for others, challenging themselves and many more. Children will be rewarded with prizes. However, class dojos can also be lost for unacceptable behaviour, lack of  homework etc.

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