We believe that physical education, experienced in a safe and supportive environment, is vital in its contribution to a pupil’s physical and emotional development and health. Physical education develops a child’s knowledge, skills and understanding, so they can perform with increasing competence and confidence in a range of physical activities. We promote a positive attitude towards healthy lifestyles and encourage children to make informed choices throughout their life about physical activity and healthy living.



Pupil Quotes about PE

‘I love getting pumped up so you can move and have lots of energy’ Year 1

‘PE makes me full of joy! I like being Tarzan. I get strong!’ Year 1

‘PE gets the blood pumping to get oxygen and go fast! I like getting healthy and strong.’ Year 2

‘PE is fun, funny and brilliant!’ Year 3

‘I love dodgeball, dance and circuit. It raises your heart rate and makes you healthy!’ Year 4

‘We watch each other and get ideas. We know how to get better, our teacher and our friends tell us how we can improve.’ Year 5

‘I enjoy PE a lot! In dance we learnt how to act like South American gauchos. It was very fun!’ Y6 pupil.


Extra-curricular sporting activities this term include:-


    • fencing
    • football
    • tennis
    • cross country
    • basketball


Funding provided by the Government to support improvements in health and exercise. This funding is also used to improve Professional Development for staff both in and out of the school environment.

In addition to timetabled activities the funding is used to ensure that SMAAA participates in the Knowsley sports events. We gain Continuing Professional Development led by our All Saints PE teacher who works with our school 2 day per week.


P.E. support for staff and pupils


DSCF0594Reception / Year 1 , 2, 3 and 4 – weekly lessons provided by external PE consultants.


Year 4, 5 and 6 have been completing their block of swimming lessons and I wonder how many children will be able to swim 25 metres? Many children have set themselves the challenge of 50 or 100 metres.






IMG_0051   IMG_0120


Sporting Success



Here at SMAAA, we are very proud of our footballers and of their achievements and this year is no exception. We continue to be amazed by the talents of our young players. 

The team played their fourth and final night of the KSSP Primary Football League resulting in two draws and a win. This took them to the top of the league with 25 points! 

Congratulations on gaining 1st place in the KSSP Kirkby Primary Schools Football League 2018/19! Your dedication and hard work has paid off.

” I enjoy football because you have nothing but fun. I feel united.”



What a fantastic team of cross country runners we have this year! The boys’ and girls’ teams have run two out of the three races of this year’s Kirkby School Cross Country events with great success. The girls’ team are currently in third position and the boys team are currently first. 

Good luck for the final race to both teams. I’m sure you are going to perform amazingly well as you have been training really hard! Could we even be bringing home some medal???

Remember the words of Mo Farah, “Don’t dream of it, train for it!”

“I enjoyed cross country because it made me feel like I was a part of a team. It is special at the end because we all say well done and give each other a hug. We are all treated the same way no matter where we come.”  Year 6 pupil


CONGRATULATIONS to our fantastic gymnasts!

Our Year 3/4 Gymnastics team secured a supped 7th place out of 15 competing schools at the Key Steps competition in February. Lucca even achieved gaining Gold for his Body Management routine. Well done to Lucca, Oliver, Brydie, Ruby and Sophie for displaying their wonderful talents and doing us proud! 

“I enjoyed the competition even though I was a bit nervous. It made me feel proud to be on the school team.” Oliver


Well done to our swimmers for their fantastic efforts at the Kirkby Swimming Gala. What an excellent achievement by Tia who managed to secure 1st place in the back stroke.

“I really enjoyed being part of the swimming team because I loved all the enthusiasm from the crowd and team mates. I also like supporting my team mates.” Millie


Our Boccia team were an excellent example for our school at the KSSP Boccia Competition. Great team spirit was shown by Alfie, Kaysha and Grace.

“It was actually fun and I liked it even though I was nervous.” Kaysha



Well done to our Basketball team who go through to the semi finals of the KSSP Basketball competition. A great attitude and sportsmanship was shown be each and every one of our players. 

” I enjoyed basketball because I am really grateful to be in the team.” Mia


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