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At St Michael and All Angels we are dedicated to the education and development of the whole child. We believe that the arts are a vitally important aspect of the life of all cultures and we seek to provide rich and varied opportunities for all children to engage in all aspects of the arts with the goal of enabling personal achievement, enjoyment and self expression.

We aim for our children to experience a broad range of Arts and opportunities to develop artistic skills, knowledge and appreciation, for our children to have opportunities to create, reflect on and celebrate art and for our children to discover the pleasure that art can provide.

Children in year 5 have created and submitted art work to the dot art Schools competition this year. The posters which have been selected are currently on display on the dot art website and voting will soon open for people to vote for their favorite piece!

You can visit the website by clicking here.


The dot-art entries this year included pieces of work from Year 6 following their trip to see the Poppy Art, St George’s Hall  in Liverpool.

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Well done children.

“Spring Blossom” designs

The Art Club brightened up our school with their super “Spring Blossom” designs. They did not use paint brushes to paint their pictures. Can you guess what they used with the paint to create their pieces of art work?


Art gallery visit

Year 5 & 4 visited the Art gallery in Kirkby. They were privileged to see works from the “Greats” including David Hockey, Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth and Bridget Riley.

BHepworth  DHockney2   BRiley

Art forms

Children at St Michael and All Angels are encouraged to try, develop and master many different skills and techniques.

We focus on 6 main art forms; painting, collage, sculpture, drawing, print and textiles.  Throughout each year children work on mastering three different techniques, one in each term, and have one art form driver for each year.

Our ceramic of Liverpool was created by Yr 2 and Yr 4. They had great fun and the creation is proudly displayed in our main foyer area.

ceramic    ceramic2

 Once again our parents and children joined in The Big Draw. We based our work on our class favourite books.

IMG_0712[1] IMG_0713[1]

We also had some super entries in our Autumn competition again this year.

IMG_0673[1] IMG_0675[1] IMG_0676[1] IMG_0677[1]


van goghpicassoAt SMAAA we learn about lots of different classic and modern artists from Van Gogh to Picasso and William Morris to Andy Warhol. The children learn all about two to three different artists each year.



morriswarholThe children enjoy exploring the works and techniques used by the artists they study. They can replicate their works and use the work of great artists as inspiration to create masterpieces of their own.



At St Michael and All Angels we have held lots of art events. Thank you to everyone who has taken part and all of the parents, carers, family members and friends who have encouraged the children with their art work and supported exhibitions both in and out of school.

School exhibitions

Well done to all of the children who exhibited art work for parents, carers, family and friends to come and see. Everyone was very impressed with the standard of work and the children were proud to share their work and talk about the techniques they had used.

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Our ceramic of Liverpool was created by Yr 2 and Yr 4. They had great fun and the creation is proudly displayed in our main foyer area.The whole of KS1 and KS2 took part in the exhibition and shared their favourite piece of work.

Well done! to all of the children from primary and secondary schools in Kirkby who took part in the Kirkby Collaborative Spring Time Art Competition organised by SMAAA. All work which was entered into the competition was excellent and the winners were proudly displayed in Kirkby Library.

P1070820 P1070822

The children in year 4 enjoyed visiting the exhibition in Kirkby Library and also visiting the Ruth Moilliet art exhibition.

P1070807 P1070814

We will soon be exhibiting Summer work in Kirkby Library. We hope you will be able to visit!

St George’s Hall display

Well Done! to Summer in Year 6 whose work is currently on display at St George’s Hall as part of the Dot Art exhibition. The children in year 4 were very excited to spot her work on their recent visit to St George’s Hall.


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