Year 5&6 (Class 11)

 Our Mission Statement

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Welcome to Class 11 homepage and gallery! Over the coming year we will be learning many new and exciting things and will be taking part in a lot of fun filled activities. We would like to keep you up to date with our school adventures and share our learning with you so we hope you will enjoy looking at our class page. Here you will be able to find important class and Year 5/6 information, details about our learning and dates for what is happening throughout the year so keep logging on to stay up to date.

Dates for your diary and Class News:

  • Monday 8th – Friday 12th May– Year 6 SATs Week
  • Friday 26th May – Break up for Whit Half Term

               Things you need to know: 


Homework will be sent home every Friday. This will be a mixture of literacy, maths, R.E and science tasks which will be based on themes covered in the week at school and to aid revision. These must be returned on Wednesday the following week. The children should try to do this independently as much as possible and to a high standard to their best ability. We expect the same standard of homework as we do for their work in class.

If homework is not returned on Wednesday, children will have to stay in at lunchtime or miss Goldentime to complete this.

Please note that if your child finds their homework difficult, we hold a lunchtime homework club on a Monday and Tuesday where they can bring the part they are struggling with and get support from a member of staff.

Learning Logs:

Learning logs will also be sent home on a Friday. These must be returned by the following Wednesday at the latest. The children should try to find imaginative and creative ways to show what they have learnt during that week at school. A prize for the most effort and imagination will be given out on a Friday once the children have shared their logs with each other.

Reading Books:

Reading books will be sent home on a Friday with an accompanying task and must be returned with the task on the following Friday to be changed for the following week. The children will also be reading a class reader and may be given a task to complete at home about this.

If reading books and tasks are not returned on Friday, children will have to miss Goldentime to complete this and will not be given a new book until the old one is returned.


The children will be given new spellings on a Monday and must learn these each week to complete a spelling test on the Friday. It is important that they make an effort each week to learn these.


Year 5/6 will be doing P.E every Friday so please ensure your child has their kit in school for this time. This term we will be doing gymnastics and outdoor ball games. This is a compulsory part of the National Curriculum and ALL children must have their kits every week.

Summer Term Topics: 

Year 6:

In literacy, our main focus for the first half term will be revision for our upcoming SATs tests. Please keep working on your reading, spelling and grammar skills at home as the time to sit our tests comes closer!

Why not see what you can find out at home on the list of websites at the bottom of this page. You will find lots of games and past papers to practice different skills.

Year 5:

In literacy, Year 5 will start the term by exploring the wonderful world of ‘Bling!’

What will happen to Billy? How will we use this story to create our own fabulous fictions writing?

Only time will tell!!!!

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This half term in maths, both Year 5 and 6 will be looking at deeper problem solving and the application of the skills we have learnt. Year 6 will be revising skills that they have covered throughout Key Stage 2, for their SATs and Year 5 will be working towards mastery as they apply their learning from throughout the year.

At home, keep practising your times tables as these will be infinitely useful in your maths lessons!

Have a look at this prompt sheet if you are stuck with your homework… Here you will find some hints and clues about different maths skills that may help you to have another go yourself…


Come and See:  

This half term we will be exploring, revealing and responding

to the topic of Serving – Pentecost



Electricity: We will be delving into the world of electricity to find out where it comes from, how circuits are created and why electricity is so important in our everyday lives.

Do you know what makes a complete circuit? What electricity do you use in your home and could you survive

See what you can find out about electricty in your home?

Image result for electricity

Why not see what you can find out before we begin our learning? Can you recall any of your previous learning about electricity? This will be very useful in the weeks ahead!  



This term we will be focussing on the unit of The Victorians.

Our history topic this half term is the Victorians. Why not see what you can find out about this famous era in history?

Image result for the victorians

Stay posted to see what we will be up to…


Now that some of your children are in Year 6, it is getting closer to the time when they must sit the SATs! It is therefore important that you make sure that your child is reading EVERY night and is starting to do small amounts of revision to give themselves the best chance as the year goes on. To help with this, try having a look at some of these websites to go over any things that you are unsure about or just want to refresh in your mind. REMEMBER… if there is anything you are really unsure of come and see me and we can go over it!



Please come in and speak to me at any time if you have any worries, concerns or questions!