Year 5 (Class 11)

Welcome to Mrs Bird and Class 11’s web page!


Welcome to Class 11’s web page. Here you can find lots of information about the fun we will be having and the things we will be learning this term, Mrs Bird.

If you need to speak to Mrs Bird please come to the Year 5 door at the beginning or end of the day or call the school office to arrange a meeting.


Our School Councillors for this year are Mikey Briggs and Olivia O’Neil. They will represent our class in school council meetings and share ideas from the children in our class.

Our Eco Warriors for this year are Kevin Atkinson and Alfie McFarlane. They will work as part of the Eco Team and help to make our school more eco-friendly.

Our Maths Champions this year are

Our Reading Ambassadors are Amy Henry and Lizzie Sephton. Their role is to share a love of reading within the school.

Our Digital Leaders are Lewis Hodgson and Ruby Smith. They will help others with all things digital!  


In our Come and See lessons this term we will be exploring Ourselves.
We will be thinking about all of the things that we find important and what makes us unique.

Our Worship Warriors this year are Grace Wheeler and Finley Connell.

We have illustrated our school mission statement to show what it means to us.

How we live the mission statement in our class

Christian Community

We gather together to say our daily prayers, listen to scripture, sing hymns and share stories that we know from the Bible. We help and support each other always. 

Valued and Recognised for our Unique Contributions 

We receive the Gold Award and praise from our teachers and peers for our achievements. We compliment each other and celebrate our achievements. 

Child Centered Education

We decide what we would like to learn about at the start of each of our topics by sharing what we know, think and wonder. We are given the freedom to take risks in our learning and to try new things. 

Positive Learning Environment

We have bright welcoming classrooms where we can learn, share, laugh and be ourselves. 

Gospel Value of Love and Respect

We follow the rules set out to us and set good examples to other children around the school. We follow in Jesus’ light and let him guide us to make good choices. 

Partnership with Parents, Carers, Governors, the Parish and Wider Community

We invite everyone from our school community to join in celebrations with us. We give up time to volunteer and help local charities. 

Curriculum Map

Year 5 Curriculum Map 2020


In our Literacy lessons, we are reading Greek myths. We will be writing our own version of a myth drawing ideas from  the ones we have read.  We will be learning lots of new vocabulary and trying to include this in our writing.



In Maths, we will be focusing on place value with numbers up to 1,000,000. We will be developing our problem solving and reasoning skills and consolidating our knowledge of times tables.



Our topic this half term is Earth and Space. It is a great topic where we explore why we have seasons, what creates day and night and  the phases of the moon.  There will be opportunities to work as groups during investigative and research work.



The Tudors is a great topic to start the year.  We will be learning about the rise of the Tudors and the impact the Tudors have had on England today. We will be creating our own Tudor portraits where parents will be invited to come and view our gallery.



Our artist this half term is Franz Marc.  We are focusing on drawing and we will be developing these skills by looking at our artists work and creating our own in this style.


Our Classroom!

Reading area

In Class 11 we are lucky to have two large library areas filled with lots of books that we can share and enjoy. We have library monitors who look after the libraries and keep track of all of the books. We can sign books out of our class library and take them home to share with family and enjoy in their own time.

Our computing area

We have a computer in our classroom which we can use in lesson times and in golden times to do research to help us with our work and to complete different tasks. We have written our own e-safety rules which we have promised to stick by to stay safe when using computers and the internet both in class and at home. We will be following a computing curriculum to enhance your computing skills across the year.


Year 5 Homework and PE Kit timetable

Learning Logs will be sent home on Fridays and should be returned to school no later than Tuesday.

Home Readers and yellow books with spelling and maths work will be sent home on Fridays and should be returned to school no later than Wednesday.

Swimming Kits (fitted shorts for boys, one piece costumes for girls and swimming caps and towels for all) should be in school for swimming on Monday mornings. 

PE Kits should be in school for PE lessons on Fridays. (PE kits may also be required on other days but Mrs Bird and Miss Hickey will let children know in advance).

Anyone who is struggling with their homework should bring it into school on Monday for support.


Class Dojos

We award Class Dojos to children in year 5 who are well behaved, try hard in class, are well mannered and help others.
Who will win the Class Dojo competition this term for the child with the most positive points?


Packed Lunches, Healthy Snacks and our School Tuck Shop

At SMAAA we are a healthy school and encourage all children to eat healthy snacks and lunches.
Packed lunches brought into school should consist of healthy food and snacks and should not include chocolate or fizzy drinks.
Children may also bring in a healthy snack to enjoy at break time such as fruit, cheese or toast. Alternatively children can bring in some money to buy a snack from our tuck shop. The Junior tuck shop is run by the Year 6 children and Mr Lewis. They sell a variety of snacks including cheese, fruit and water. The money raised by the Tuck Shop is used to provide awards throughout the year.

Our Healthy Heroes this year are Ellis H and Alfie G.


Some fun links for extra practise at home…