Year 5 (Class 11)

Welcome to Mrs Bird and Class 11’s web page!

Here you can find lots of information about the fun we will be having and the things we will be learning this year.

Hello year 5 children, parents and carers,

Welcome to year 5! We will be using this class page, our year 5 twitter page @SMAAAyear5 and Class Dojos to keep in touch with you at home while we continue to get used to this different way of working.

Yr 5 Curriculum Map

Yr 5 Curriculum Map 2020-2021 

The resources below are for children who are working and working from home. These will be updated weekly with new activities to follow our learning in school. 

Literacy Myths

Design a poster showing the features of a myth. 

Myths and Legends

Find the definitions for the power words and once you understand them use them in your own sentences.

power words

Mathematics – Place Value

Work through the activities on the slides below recognising the value of numbers 

place value

Science – Phases of the Moon

Draw a diagram to show how the moon changes appearance through the phases

Phases of the moon

movement of moon

History – The Battle of Bosworth and Tudor Monarchs 

Research the events of the Battle of Bosworth and create a fact sheet showing what you know

1. Rise of the Tudors, Battle of Bosworth

battle of bosworth

Create a fact file about Tudor Monarchs

Tudor Monarchs

PSHE – International Day of Peace 

Write an acrostic poem with the word PEACE about how to pledge to be more peaceful

International Day of Peace 2020 PowerPoint


You can visit some of the web pages we have shared below for some extra practise at home…

Oak Academy Maths – Place Value

Oak Academy Grammar – Sentences

Oak Academy Literacy – Spellings

Oak Academy Science – Space

BBC Bite Size – Maths and English Year 5 Catch Up 

Top Marks – Hit the Button

Top Marks – Daily Ten

BBC Bitesize – Maths

BBC Bitesize – English

BBC Bitesize – Science

BBC Bitesize – History


Our School Councillors for this year are Emily J and Heidi K. They will represent our class in school council meetings and share ideas from the children in our class.

Our Eco Warrior for this year is Frankie R. He will work as part of the Eco Team and help to make our school more eco-friendly.

Our Reading Ambassador is Erina V. Her role is to share a love of reading within the school.

Our Digital Leader is Ethan R. He will help others with all things digital!  

Our Well Being Champion is Harry D. He will work hard to keep us motivated to be fit and healthy.


In our Come and See lessons this term we will be exploring Ourselves.
We will be thinking about the how are unique and how we can use our gifts to help others.

Our Worship Warrior this year is Sienna B.

We have illustrated our school mission statement to show what it means to us.

How we live the mission statement in our class

Christian Community

We gather together to say our daily prayers, listen to scripture, sing hymns and share stories that we know from the Bible. We help and support each other always. 

Valued and Recognised for our Unique Contributions 

We receive the Gold Award and praise from our teachers and peers for our achievements. We compliment each other and celebrate our achievements. 

Child Centred Education

We decide what we would like to learn about at the start of each of our topics by sharing what we know, think and wonder. We are given the freedom to take risks in our learning and to try new things. 

Positive Learning Environment

We have bright welcoming classrooms where we can learn, share, laugh and be ourselves. 

Gospel Value of Love and Respect

We follow the rules set out to us and set good examples to other children around the school. We follow in Jesus’ light and let him guide us to make good choices. 

Partnership with Parents, Carers, Governors, the Parish and Wider Community

We invite everyone from our school community to join in celebrations with us. We give up time to volunteer and help local charities. 


Year 5 Curriculum


In our Literacy lessons, we are reading myths. We will be creating our own myths drawing ideas from the one we have read.  We will be learning lots of new writing techniques and vocabulary and trying to include this in our work.



In Maths we will be focusing on place value. We are also working hard to brush up on our multiplication facts ready for our multiplication and division topic later in the year. 



Our topic this half term is Earth and Space. It is a great topic where we explore the planets in our solar system, the reason for seasons and also learn about the phases of the moon. 



This term we will be learning about the Tudors.  We will be learning about the rise of the Tudors from the beginning at the Battle of Bosworth, how people lived in Tudor times, Henry the VIII and his six wives and Tudor explorers. 



This term we will be designing our own healthy pizzas. We will think about what ingredients are good for us and can give us energy to keep active. We will also design packaging to encourage people to buy our products. 


Our Classroom

Reading area

In Class 11 we are lucky to have a nice library area filled with lots of books that we can share and enjoy. We have library monitors who look after the library and keep track of all of the books. We can sign books out of our class library and take them home to share with family and enjoy in their own time.

Our computing area

We have a computer in our classroom which we can use in lesson times and in golden times to do research to help us with our work and to complete different tasks. We have written our own e-safety rules which we have promised to stick by to stay safe when using computers and the internet both in class and at home. We will be following a computing curriculum to enhance your computing skills across the year.


We like to take time to complete some quiet activities while listening to relaxing music. You may want to complete some mindful colouring at home. An example colouring sheet has been attached below but you can draw and colour your own detailed design. 


Class Dojos

We award Class Dojos to children in year 5 who are well behaved, try hard in class, are well mannered and help others.

Parents can use the codes sent home to connect to our class dojos and see how well children are doing.

Who will win the Class Dojo competition this term for the child with the most positive points?


Packed Lunches and Healthy Snacks 

At SMAAA we are a healthy school and encourage all children to eat healthy snacks and lunches.
Packed lunches brought into school should consist of healthy food and snacks and should not include chocolate or fizzy drinks.
Children may also bring in a healthy snack to enjoy at break time such as fruit, cheese or toast. 


Some fun links for extra practise at home…

Oak Academy Maths – Place Value

Oak Academy Grammar – Sentences

Oak Academy Literacy – Spellings

Oak Academy Science – Space

BBC Bite Size – Maths and English Year 5 Catch Up 

Top Marks – Hit the Button

Top Marks – Daily Ten

BBC Bitesize – Maths

BBC Bitesize – English

BBC Bitesize – Science

BBC Bitesize – History


***Competition – W/C 21st September***

Hi everyone, Can we ask you to spare a few minutes? We are doing a school competition this week to see which class can get the most responses to our Mission Statement input. The class with the most responses will receive a special movie afternoon next week 🎥🎬 All you have to do is click the link, answer a few questions and then click submit. At SMAAA we value your input 😇 

Link –