Year 4 (Class 9)

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Welcome to Mrs Bird’s and Class 9’s webpage!

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If you need to speak to Mrs Bird please see her at the Year 4 door at the beginning or end of the day or call the school office to arrange a meeting.


Our School Prayer

This is our school,

Let peace dwell here,

Let the rooms be full of contentment,

Let love abide here,

Love of one another, love of mankind, love of life itself and love of God.

Let us remember that as many hands build a house,

So many hearts build a school.



The whole of year 4 are working really hard to learn and become more fluent in our times tables. Any extra practise which can be completed at home is greatly appreciated!


Our School Councillors for this year are Eva Rose and Millie. They will represent our class in school council meetings and share ideas from the children in our class.

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Our Eco Warriors for this year are Eva and Joseph S. They are a part of the Eco Team and help to make our school more eco friendly.


In our Come and See lessons we are focusing on our current topic ‘New Life’.

We will be thinking about the ways in which we can grow to become better versions of ourselves.


In our Topic lessons this term we will be learning about Asia.

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The children will complete a study comparing the natural and human features of a place in Asia and a place near home.


In our Science lessons this term we are revisiting electricity. 

The children will be given a range of materials and asked to generate questions and plan their own investigations. 


In our Art lessons this term we will be studying Textiles.

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The children will decide on their own theme and then use different materials to create their own textiles pieces of work. 


Our Author in Year 4 is Louis Sachar. We really enjoyed reading Holes in the Autumn and this term we will be reading Fuzzy Mud as a class. We also have lots of other Louis Sachar books in our class library which we can enjoy.

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Class 9 Homework and PE Kit timetable

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Learning Logs (blue books) will be sent home on Fridays and should be returned to school no later than Tuesday

Home Readers will be sent home on Fridays (with tasks in yellow books) and should be returned to school no later than Wednesday

Maths Homework will be sent home on Fridays (in yellow books) and should be returned to school no later than Wednesday

PE Kits full school kits should be in school for PE lessons on Monday.

 Anyone who is struggling with their homework should bring it into school on Monday for support.


Class Dojos

We award Class Dojos to children in class 9 who are well behaved, try hard in class, are well mannered and help others.

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Who will win the Class Dojo competition this term for the child with the most positive points?


Packed Lunches, Healthy Snacks and our School Tuck Shop

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At SMAAA we are a healthy school and encourage all children to eat healthy snacks and lunches.

Packed lunches brought into school should consist of healthy food and snacks and should not include chocolate or fizzy drinks.

Children may also bring in a healthy snack to enjoy at break time such as fruit, cheese or toast. Alternatively children can bring in some money to buy a snack from our tuck shop. The Junior tuck shop is run by the Year 6 children and Mr Lewis. They sell a variety of snacks including cheese, fruit and water. The money raised by the Tuck Shop is used to provide awards throughout the year.


Some fun links for extra practise at home…

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