The Big Draw 2014

The Big Draw 2014


Thank you to all of the children, parents, carers and staff from our school and Millbrook who came to participate in our Big Draw this year.


The art work which was created is on display in our school hall and we think you will agree it looks fantastic!

DSCF1305 DSCF1307 DSCF1308 DSCF1309 DSCF1310 DSCF1311 DSCF1312 DSCF1313 DSCF1314 DSCF1315 DSCF1316 DSCF1317 DSCF1318 DSCF1319 DSCF1320 DSCF1321 DSCF1322 DSCF1350 DSCF1351 DSCF1352 DSCF1353