Year 2 (Class 5)

Welcome to Class 5’s Page!

Ms Canavan

During your time in year 2 you will learn lots of new and exciting things . All our  lessons are very engaging and lots of fun. Our classrooms are very interactive and are full of resources so even when you have finished your fantastic piece of work you can  still carry on learning.

Parents please feel free to speak to me at the door at the beginning or end of the school day. Furthermore if you have any worries or concerns   please do not hesitate to book an appointment with me.  

Our Latest News. Remember to look at Year 2 notices in our window for all the latest news and dates for your diary.


Our Mission Statement

How  can we live the Mission Statement in our class?

Christian Community

We are all responsible for making our  Christian community as welcoming as possible. We share our kindness with the wider community by taking part in a variety of fund raising activities. 

Valued and Recognised

We value our family and our school family. To show our gratitude we give thanks everyday by saying our prayers. We recognise when our friends need support and our more than happy to cheer them up.   

Unique Contributions  

We are all unique and perfect! We celebrate individuality and provide lots of opportunities for hidden talents to be revealed. 

Child Centred Education 

We share our interests with our class family and our teachers plan exciting activities for us. Pupil voice is very important. Our teachers create wonderful lessons based on our interests.  

Positive Learning Environment

We will happily play and learn together following our class and school rules. We enjoy singing,exploring, investigating, creating, sharing and laughing everyday in school. 

Gospel Values of Love and Respect

We will use our manners and share nicely during our school day. We respond to scripture in different creative ways e.g. singing, dancing, drawing and painting.

Partnership with Parents, carers, Governors, the parish, and wider community.

We invite our parents, carers, Governors to different events during the year to celebrate our learning and achievements. We attend church to celebrate with our parish family during the school year.

Curriculum Map 

Year 2 Curriculum Map 2020

Home readers

A specific day whereby your child must hand in their home reader will be written on their home reading comment book. This will be the day that your child must bring in their reading book to be changed. 


Numeracy and Literacy homework will be given out every Friday (on alternate weeks). Homework will be collected in every Friday.

Water bottles

Please provide your child with a reusable water bottle (preferably one with a sports cap) that can be kept in school.


Please ensure all items of clothing are clearly labelled as this makes them easier to find if they are ever misplaced.

Glasses and Inhalers

If your child needs glasses and/or an inhaler please ensure that they have them when entering school.  If possible both can be kept in school.


There are lots of opportunities for your child to earn a reward in year 2. They are all rewarded for their hard work through the week with Golden Time every Friday afternoon. Also two lucky children are picked for the Gold Award every Friday. As well as this two stars are chosen every day to choose a fantastic prize from our overflowing prize box.

Amazing manners, outstanding behaviour and brilliant work are just some of the ways you can get picked for a reward!

Thank you for all  your support and co-operation! Ms Canavan 

Religious Education

Our topic this term is Books. By the end of this topic your child will be able to talk about books that are special to them. They will also learn about the Church used on Sunday by the parish family.




This term we are focusing on multiplication and division. The children will be completing tasks that involve counting in 2s,3s,5s and 1os. We will also be using our reasoning and problem solving skills to solve some addition and subtraction word problems.



This term we are focusing on Africa. By the end of the topic all children will be to explain why the climate is different in different parts of Africa. They will be able to describe different habitats. We will also be comparing African culture to UK culture.



This term we will be looking at Living Things and Their Habitats. We will be investigating why certain animals can only live in certain climates. We will also be conducting some interesting investigations in order to prove or disprove our hypothesis.



This term we will be exercising our cooking skills. We will be making rainbow couscous and research all about the ingredients that end up on our plate.


Pop into your local library and read a book by one or more of these authors and tell me what you think!


Anthony Browne

Anthony Browne is an amazing author and his books are very engaging and thought provoking and  not to mention his illustrations are very entertaining! We will be reading his books throughout the year. 



Dr Seuss

Dr Suess is a wonderful author! His stories are crazy,confusing and fun. Once  you  finally get your tongue around some of the nonsense words his stories hold some very important messages! What could the hidden message be in The Lorax?

Julia Donaldson

Julia Donaldson is a fantastic author! Her stories make us laugh out loud in the infants. I will be reading her stories for the rest of my life! Stickman and The Grufalo are my all time favourites. What’s your favourite Julia Donaldson story?

Here are some useful websites!


Can you splat the odd or even numbers?
Can you splat the multiples of 2,5 and 10?


Can you use the information in the text to answer questions?

For the above website please click on ‘free worksheets’  and ‘more reading worksheets’.


All Subjects
For the above website please use the resource suitable for your child’s year group.