Year 1 (Class 4)

Welcome to Class 4!

Miss Rutherford

I would like to wish everyone in Class 4 a warm welcome to a new and exciting half term. I look forward to all the fun activities, adventures and learning we will be exploring together in the coming weeks.

If you need to speak to me, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

It’s the Summer term! 

What Year 1 will be learning this term!

RE – Holy days and Holidays. Islam.

Maths – This half term we will be learning about capacity.  Can you find items at home that are measured in millilitres and litres?  We will also be using our 2, 5 and 10 times tables to solve multiplication calculations.  

English – We will be exploring poetry this half term in Year 1.  We will also be focussing on using capital letters and full stops in our writing.

Science – This half term we will be investigating seasonal changes.

Computing – We will be learning how algorithms work.

Art/DT – We will be using cutting and joining skills to make and evaluate our own kite.

Topic – We will be learning about The Beatles. 

All children will have free milk and fruit every day.

Homework and Home reading

Homework will be given out every Friday. Children will be rewarded with raffle tickets when they complete their homework on time.

Home readers will be changed each week. Your child will have been given a day to bring their book back to school. It would be helpful for you to write a comment. Also, we expect your child to draw a picture about the story and write a sentence if possible.


PE will take place on Monday and Thursday.

Children will need a full kit and these can be kept in school during the half term.

Class Dojos

We award Class Dojos to children in Year 1 who are always trying their best, being kind friends and helping others.
Who will win the Class Dojo prize for reaching 25 Dojos?