Year 1 (Class 4)

Welcome to Class 4!

Miss Haigh and Ms Trayer

Miss O’Connell and Miss Murphy


We would like to wish everyone a warm welcome to our class page. 


Class 4 is made up of 30 fantastic children. There are 19 girls and 11 boys.


 We look forward to all the fun activities, adventures and learning we will be exploring together in the coming months.


If you need to speak to one of us or have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact school. 


You can also follow us on Twitter for all the latest information/news. Please follow @smaaayear01


Home learning 

Tuesday 22nd September – Friday 25th September

Maths – Watch this video clips and complete the tasks below.

Tuesday 22nd September 

Y1 Autumn Block 1 WO2 Count objects 2019

Wednesday 23rd September


Y1 Autumn Block 1 WO3 Represent objects 2019

Thursday 24th September

Y1 Autumn Block 1 WO Count objects from a group of 10 2020

Friday 25th September


Y1 Autumn Block 1 WO Represent numbers to 10 2020 



On Monday we read the the story of The Three Little Pigs. We enjoyed putting actions to the words to the story and showing emotions on our faces to express how the characters were feeling. We had some very scary angry wolf faces!

Tuesday – Ask your child to show you some of the actions and expressions while reading the story with them. There is a long and short version of the story for you to choose from.

Shorter version of The Three Little Pigs on a Power Point-


Longer version of The Three Little Pigs on an eBook – 



Now we would like you to have a go at sequencing the story.


If you can’t print these sheets, why not have a go at drawing your own story road. Try to make sure you order the pictures of the events from the beginning to the end in the same order as they happen in the story. Good luck!

Challenge – Can you write a short sentence or some words to describe what is happening in each picture?


Tuesday – Our history topic this half term is Toys. In the past couple of weeks the children have talked about their favourite toys and have been asked to describe them. Why not recap by asking them the following questions:

What is your favourite toy?

How do you play with it?

What does it do?

Can it move/make noises/light up?

This week we are thinking about whether toys have always been the same and we are asking are toys from the past different?

Look at the power point below.

Lesson Presentation Toys Today

We would like your child to think about questions to ask a parent, grandparent or any adult that may have had very different toys in the past to their own. They need to think of questions that focus on finding out about the difference between toys from the past and toys now.We are hoping they will find out that some toys from many years ago were very different, for example, the materials they were made from and whether they needed batteries.

Below is a sheet to write their questions on. 

I can find out about toys in the past b

Here is the sheet to record the information they find out from their parent/grand parent/adult. This would have been their homework for this weekend.

History Homework Letter (1)

We will share their findings in class when we return to school. We look forward to a trip down memory lane and finding out about toys our families had in the past. 


Tuesday’s PE lesson would have been about changing speed and direction when travelling. Below you will find 2 power point presentations that explain clearly everything we would have covered in the lesson. Maybe you can have a go at playing some games at home involving walking, jogging, sprinting, jumping and changing direction.

Lesson Presentation Changing Gears


Lesson Presentation Changing Routes

The children love the games and dances on go noodle. Below is a running and jumping game.



Why not have a little jump about while dancing along to this song!

About us

School Mission Statement

At St Michael and All Angels School we are a Christian Community where everybody is  valued and recognised  for their unique contribution. We provide a child-centred education in a positive learning environment in which all children may reach their full potential. The Gospel values of love and respect are at the heart of our partnership with parents and carers, Governors, the parish and wider community.

 Christian Community

In Class 4, we gather together to say our daily prayers. 

We plan and take part in daily Collective Worship.

We explore RE through Come and See by listening to scripture, singing songs and talking about stories from the Bible.

We love and care for one another.

Valued and Recognised for our Unique Contributions

We recognise that we are valued by celebrating our achievements together in class and as a school community through the Gold Award.

We cherish each other’s unique talents and strengths.

Child – Centred Education

Through our topics, we discuss what we think, know and wonder about.  We talk about and plan our learning journey.

We take part in WOW events to bring our curriculum to life.

Positive Learning Environment

We have a wonderful classroom where we can learn, share and have fun!

We love to display work that we are proud of.

Gospel Values of Love and Respect

We follow our class and school rules by recognising good and bad choices.

We live in the light of Jesus by loving and caring for everything God created.

Partnership with Parents, Carers, Governors, the Parish and Wider Community.

We enjoy sharing our celebrations with Parents and Carers.

We celebrate at church with our Parish Family.

We help others in the Wider Community and support local charities.


What are we learning about this half term?

Yr 1 Curriculum Map

Year 1 Curriculum Map 2020/21 

 Religious Education

 Autumn term topics are,





Morning offering, prayers before lunch and before hometime.  We also say the prayers, ‘Hail Mary’ and ‘Our Father’.


 You will find below an example of our school’s handwriting style. Please encourage your child to practice their handwriting, and to start and end the formation of each letter in the correct place. 

Cursive Handwriting


Throughout this year we will be learning to read and write the following words. We will be beginning with Year 1 Common exception words and then as the year progresses some children will be able to move on to the Year 2 words. 

Year 1 and 2 CEW


Phonics is a very important part of Year 1. As we go through the year your child will be learning Set 1, Set 2 and Set 3 sounds to help them with their reading. Below you will find all of the sounds your child needs to learn, as well as how to pronounce them. 

Phonics Sounds: Set 1, 2 and 3

As well as learning these sounds, our main aim is for your child to enjoy listening to and talking about stories. 

When reading with/to your child you could: 

  • get them to tell you what is happening in the story,
  • ask them questions about the story,
  • talk about the characters, 
  • talk about what happens next,
  • ask them to retell the story,
  • discuss with them what part of the book they liked best.

Your help with this is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to working with you to help your child’s reading develop. 


Our PE day is Tuesday. On PE days, the children can come to school dressed in their PE kits ready for their lesson,

Kits to be worn to school:

  • Yellow T shirt;
  • Royal Blue shorts;
  • Jumper/cardigan;
  • Black pumps

Children can wear black joggers worn over their PE kit on cold days.

Home Learning

Should you need to access home learning for a period of time, please use the link below which will guide you to relevant information to help your child learn.

Snack and Water

Your child can bring in water daily in a reusable bottle with a sports cap top.  We are a healthy school so we do encourage water only.

In key stage one, children are provided with a daily snack of fresh fruit.

School lunches

In key stage one, children are eligible for a free school meal.  We are currently providing sandwiches for the children with fish and chips each Friday.

Our Class Representatives

 School Councillors: Joseph and Rose

Worship Warrior: Elias

Eco Warrior: Lacie

Reading Ambassador: Isaac

Well Being Champion: Maddison

Digital Leader: Myles


Homework and Home reading

Homework will be given out every Friday.

Home readers will be changed and also given out every Friday. Your child will need to bring their book back to school before the end of each week so that it can be changed.  It would be helpful for us if you write a comment. Also, we expect your child to draw a picture about the story and write a sentence if possible

Self help Skills.

Self – help skills are very important in Year 1.  Please help your child to:-

  • Dress themselves,
  • Fasten buttons and zips,
  • Use a knife and fork to eat their food,
  • Practise cutting skills.
  • Put their shoes on
  • Tie shoe laces
  • Turn an inside out item of clothing the right way
  • Open a packet and peel a banana/tangerine etc.
  • Put things in their school bag themselves

All of these activities build fine motor skills and organisation skills which are very important for your child’s development.  It takes time and patience but the hard work is well worth it to build their independence.

 Important websites 

Throughout the year the following web pages are always available for some extra practice.


 We really appreciate your support and look forward to working with you and your child as the year progresses. 


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