Class 13

Mr Arnold, Mrs Hulme and Mrs Lester

On this page you will find up to date information about current topics, information about class learning and key dates for your diary.

The Year 6 teachers this year are Mr Arnold, Mrs Hulme and Mrs Lester. If you have any concerns, questions or would simply like to talk to us, please do not hesitate to arrange a meeting.  

Welcome to the Year 6 class page .

We hope you are all  okay. Remember keep in-touch

through Toco mail,our class twitter page (@smaaaclass013) and this web page. 


Thank you for your continued support.

Class of 2020

To all our year 6 children, 

It’s hard to believe that the end of your time at St Michael and All Angels has come to an end and in a way which has been difficult for us all. 

We’re not able to say our goodbyes in our usual St Michael and All Angels way but as you leave us, we want you to always remember your time with us and know that as you move on to high school, we will always be here for you as your school family.

We wish you well for the future and hope all goes well for you all in your high schools. Work hard and dream big!

From Mrs Hulme, Mr Arnold & Mrs Lester



Please take a look at the link below which shows the different ways your child may travel to high school and how to keep them safe. 

Moving Up A Parents Road Safety Transition Guide[12469]


The Road Safety Team have a summer challenge for all children to take part in please see the link below.


Summer Challenge Instructions



Here we go year 6, these are the questions we need your help with. We need you to think of your class mates, who is most likely to achieve each one then vote on them! Send any responses to me by Friday if possible. Your responses so far have been brilliant on Toco mail, thank you!

Hello YEAR 6 children, parents and carers,

While lots of us will be required to work and learn from home in the coming weeks we will be using this class page, our Year 6 twitter page (please follow us at) @SMAAAclass013 and Toco Mail to keep in touch with our children at home and send out work activities and support. Please keep checking these platforms for updates and new tasks. 

If you are struggling with any of the work you have been asked to complete then you can message your teachers directly via Toco Mail

Curriculum Map

Year 6 Curriculum Map 2020

Year 6 Spelling List       


Please refer to our workbook in the link attached to this page for this week’s tasks.   


Science – Evolution and Inheritance

Lesson One: Inheritance ppt,  Activity

Lesson Two: Adaptation ppt, Activity

R.E. – Universal church (See our home learning booklet)

Click to access YEAR-6-Universal-Church.pdf


Read the passage in the link below and make a story board of the story.

1. The Story of Theseus and the Minotaur

2. The Olympic Games

3. Democracy

4. Life, society and culture

5. Greek alphabet

6. The Quest Of Medusa’s Head



Week One: Earth Day

Have a look at the PowerPoint from last year to remind yourself what the day is all about.

Now let’s see what the message is for 2020. Look at the PowerPoint and make a poster about what you have discovered.

Week Two:Could you make a mind map all about Ecology. What do you already know? What do you think? What do you wonder about our new topic? Can be completed in Red Books.

I have split the PowerPoint from last week into sections- you can use them to help you complete your Mind Map or if you were unable to access the PowerPoint then these will show you what was on each slide.

Introduction, Why is Climate Change important?(1), Why is Climate Change important? (2), What is being said?, What can we do? (1), What can we do? (2).

You could tweet or email us any questions you would like answering…



Your work over the next few weeks is to help you think about moving on to High School. Here are a couple of websites that may help you.

1. Transition

2. My secondary school

3. How I can cope with change

Mental health 

Sometimes we are quick to concentrate on unhealthy thoughts and ways, however, in this task you are asked to look for what makes your mind and body healthy.

Positive mental healthMindfulness – Sometimes we need to just take a moment, breath, become mindful, which means think only of that moment and then think of ourselves. Click on the link for a mindfulness activity.

Be kind to yourself

At some point this week, try the mindfulness activity below.

Tense and release

P.E – Athletics

Computing – Maths, Solve it Clubs


1. Henri Matisse research

2. Henri Matisse faces

3. Self portrait collage

Spanish – 

1. Days of the week

2. Months

3. Numbers

Eco – Nature challenge

 Mission Statement

At St Michael and All Angels School we are a Christian Community where everybody is valued and recognised  for their unique contribution.

We provide a child-centred education in a positive learning environment in which all children may reach their full potential.

 The Gospel values of love and respect are at the heart of our partnership with parents and carers, Governors, the parish and wider community.

Roles in school

Our School Councillors for this year are: Ellis H and Neave. They will represent our class in school council meetings and share ideas from the children in our class.

Our Eco Warriors for this year are: Scarlett and Summer. They will work as part of the Eco Team and help to make our school more eco-friendly.

Our Maths Champions this year are: Isobel and Cole.

Our Reading Ambassadors are: Isla and William. Their role is to share a love of reading within the school.

Our Digital Leaders are: Brienna and Alfie. They will help others with all things digital!  

Our Worship Warriors this year are: Tia and Sam.


Class Dojo

Our class reward system is Class Dojos.

Children can earn them for having a positive attitude towards their work, effort, a high standard of work, teamwork, caring for others, challenging themselves and many more.

Children will be rewarded with prizes / certificates.

However, class dojos can also be lost for unacceptable behaviour, lack of  homework etc. 


Please remember that we are always in school early and at the door if you need a quick word  and if it needs more time then we can make an appointment for before or after school. It is better to come and talk to us than worry about something that we can solve together.

We really appreciate your support and look forward to working with your child as this year progresses.

Football news will follow as we go along and revision clubs will continue on Tuesday and Thursday after school.

Let us remember what it says in our mission statement –
That we are all valued and recognised for our unique contributions