Class 13

Welcome to Class 13 – Year 6

Summer is over and Autumn is here,
Back to school, a new year is here.
Pack your things, in the car you go.
Make new friends , say hello.
Reading and writing and so much more
You will be cleverer than you’ve ever been before!

I would like to welcome everyone in Class 13 to the new school year and a new adventure and hard work in Year 6. I look forward to all the fun things we will do together and all the learning we will be experiencing together in the coming months, Mrs Hulme.


Our author in Year 6 this term is William Shakespeare. We will be particularly looking at A Midnight Summer’s Dream as this is the play we are performing in the Shakespeare for Schools Festival. However, we will also be reading many of his stories to find our favourites.

We will be doing lots and lots and lots of writing…….!


We will be looking at place value to begin with and then doing lots of calculations. It is really important to practise at home to improve accuracy and speed. I cannot stress the importance of knowing times tables properly as this is an excellent tool to assist calculations.

Come and See

In our Come and See lessons this term we will be exploring Loving.
We will be thinking about how we belong to a loving community and how God loves us all no matter what our faults are.


This half term we will be looking at Earth and Space. We will be thinking carefully about how the Sun, Earth and Moon are linked together to make day and night. We will be investigating the planets of the Solar System.


In our Topic lessons this term we will be learning all about the lives and times of the Tudors.
“I am looking forward to learning about the people in Tudor times and how their lives were different to mine”
“I am interested to see what the lives of rich people were like in Tudor times”Year 5 Homework and PE Kit timetable

P.E. Kits and Learning Logs

Learning Logs will be sent home on Fridays and should be returned to school no later than Wednesday
Home Readers will be sent home on Fridays and should be returned to school no later than Thursday
Homework will be sent home on Fridays and should be returned to school no later than Thursday
Swimming kits will be needed for Monday mornings.
Anyone who is struggling with their homework should bring it into school on Monday for support. If homework is not returned on time then children will need to complete it in their own Golden Time. If this is a continuous event then parents will be invited into school to discuss how we can move forward with this.

Please remember that I am always in school early and at the door if you need a quick word with me and if it needs more time I can make an appointment for before or after school. It is better to come and talk to me than worry about something that we can solve together. I appreciate your support and look forward to working with your child this year.

Dates and clubs to follow