Class 13


           Welcome to Class 13 page

           Mr Arnold, Mrs Lester and Miss Greenop


Hi Class 13. Just wanted to say to you all… We hope you’re okay. Please help each other out and let us know if someone needs help contacting us. Lets have a positive, determined attitude. Remember all the hard work and enthusiasm we have shown so far. Lets keep it up! We are here to help. You can post on Google Classroom where you can ask anybody for help or to have a chat.

Mr Arnold and Mrs Lester


On this page you will find up to date information about current topics, information about class learning and key dates for your diary.

If you have any concerns, questions or would simply like to talk to us, please do not hesitate to contact school to arrange a meeting.  

Mission Statement

At St Michael and All Angels School we are a Christian Community where everybody is valued and recognised  for their unique contribution.

We provide a child-centred education in a positive learning environment in which all children may reach their full potential.

 The Gospel values of love and respect are at the heart of our partnership with parents and carers, Governors, the parish and wider community.

Remember keep in-touch and follow us on our class twitter page (@smaaaclass013) and this web page. Please check these platforms for information and tasks.


Yr 6 Curriculum Map

Yr 6 Curriculum Map 2020-2021 

Curriculum Map –



Year 6 Spelling List       


Week 1: Gadgets

Week 2: Gadgets

Using the same booklet started last week can you complete the activities listed on selected day.

Mon-6, Tue-7, Wed-8&9, Thur-10, Fri-11&12


Week 2: Spelling  ough string


Week 2: Michael Morpurgo


Week 1: Place Value



Death & New Life


Week 1: Introduction to South America mind map

Week 2: Countries of South America, activity, help sheet


Week 1: Fabulous Forces, Forces PowerPoint

Week 2: Gravity, Isaac Newton, activity


Global Citizen

Mental health/ well-being

Week 2: Booklet


Week 1: Choose a piece of music you enjoy and follow the instructions for this activity. LISTEN & Appraise.

Week 2: Pulse and Rhythm


Week 1: P.E.Fitness

Week 2: Competition Speed Bounce


Week 2: LightBot


Week 2: Art Drawing Challenge


Week 1: Celebration in Spain

Week 2: Feelings Ppt, activity

Roles in school

Our School Councillors for this year are: Alfie Mc and Grace Mc. They will represent our class in school council meetings and share ideas from the children in our class.

Our Eco Warriors for this year are: Rudi and Ruby. They will work as part of the Eco Team and help to make our school more eco-friendly.

Our Reading Ambassadors are: Logan and Chloe. Their role is to share a love of reading within the school.

Our Digital Leaders are: Lucy and Lewis Ho They will help others with all things digital!  

Our Worship Warriors this year are: Amy and Lewis Hi.


Class Dojo

Our class reward system is Class Dojos.

Children can earn them for having a positive attitude towards their work, effort, a high standard of work, teamwork, caring for others, challenging themselves and many more.

Children will be rewarded with prizes / certificates.

However, class dojos can also be lost for unacceptable behaviour, lack of  homework etc. 


We really appreciate your support and look forward to working with your child as this year progresses.


Let us remember what it says in our mission statement –
That we are all valued and recognised for our unique contributions


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