Spring 2016

Overall School Attendance 96%

Well done to the children who received their Silver and Bronze Awards for 100% attendance each term.

Autumn 1st Half-term 2015

School total 96.4%

  • Miss Taylor 96.9%
  • Miss Ikin 94.3%
  • Miss Trayer 96.4%
  • Miss Haigh/Miss Finegan 96%
  • Miss Canavan 94.3%
  • Miss Richardson 97.4%
  • Miss Mcloughlin 96.7%
  • Miss Hamblett 95.2%
  • Mrs Forrest 98.1%
  • Miss Hester 94.7%
  • Mrs Bird 98.1%
  • Mr Arnold 94.5%
  • Miss Mitchinson 97.9%
  • Mrs Hulme 97.9%

To help with Attendance and Punctuality contact Mr Lewis.

Pupils who are late for school (after registration)will not get their mark for that session.


Our target for 2015-2016 is 97%

We had lots of fun with the race track and snakes and ladders games which Mr Lewis organised.

Miss Canavan and her children won the £100 for their achievement of reaching the end of the Snakes and Ladders game first in October 2015.

Remember that we had lots of pupils taking part in the special events including “Popcorn and Film” in Dec, “Chocolate and Film” at Easter, “Ice-cream” afternoon July and more importantly 100% attendees went on the trip out.

Autumn  2015

100% attendance runs from 2nd September until 18th  December inclusive.

trophyParty afternoon for all pupils with 100% attendance on Thursday 18th December.




busWhole Year 100% attendance from 2nd Sept-21st July inclusive…can we top last year?

A very different mystery day out this year. Clues to follow as the year goes on.