Pupil Premium Allocation

PP-Awards-2016---Primary-schools-with-published-KS2-results-V1Congratulations to the children, staff and pupils for earning the “Pupil Premium Local Award” for published Key Stage 2 results February 2016.

Pupil Premium Information

Please note FSM refers to Free School Meal pupils
CLA refers to Children who are Looked After

Pupil Premium is allocated to schools for:

  • Children of statutory school age from families who are known to be eligible for free school meals (FSM) in both mainstream and non mainstream settings
  • For children who have been looked after (CLA) from the first week
  • Children of Services parents; to include those whose parents have died in action, and those whose parents have left the Services since April 2011 for other reasons, including injury.

Schools are free to spend Pupil Premium as they see fit.  However, we will be accountable for how we have used the additional funding to support pupils in the categories listed.

From September 2012 we were required to publish on line information about how we have used the Premium.  This was introduced to ensure that parents and others are made fully aware of the attainment of pupils covered by the Premium and the extra support they receive.

Governing Body
The Governing Body are consulted regarding the proposed spending of the Pupil Premium and agree the programmes, activities and initiatives to be implemented to support the children entitled to this additional funding.  It is important to note that other funding maybe allocated from the school budget to support these activities. More information from Mrs Graham – Clerk to Governors if required.

Pupil Premium Strategy 2018-2019

Pupil Premium Strategy 2018-2019 with 2017-2018 Review

Pupil Premium Strategy 2017-2018

March Review 2018 below

Pupil Premium Strategy

Pupil Premium Allocation and Evaluation 2016-2017

Pupil Premium 2016-2017

Case Studies of impact 2017

Case Study A – Year 2

Child A is a More Able Pupil who has many challenges which are barriers to their learning. Child A entered Year 2 in the Spring term with a Reading Level at Expected and a Writing Level Expected. Following group sessions and intensive support from a teacher funded by Pupil Premium Funds more than expected progress has been made in end of Year 2 Assessment and achieved Greater Depth in both Reading and Writing.

Case Study B- Year 6

Pupil B is on the Special Needs Register. This pupil has 1 to 1 support for 3 hours per day and Pupil Premium Teacher support for 2 hours per day. This pupil has benefited from working closely with adults and along side his peers. The positive attitude and additional lessons after school with a HLTA have secured Outstanding progress for this pupil.

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