Our Staff 2020-2021

Senior Leadership Team

Miss A Bowman-Headteacher 
Ms M Trayer -Deputy Headteacher,  SENCo and Mental Health First Aider 
Miss E Taylor– EYFS Manager
Miss A Canavan– Disadvantaged Leader
Mrs G Hulme – English Leader
Mr C Lewis- Safeguarding Lead and Attendance Lead
Mrs M Graham – Business Manager/Data Protection Officer

  Teaching Staff Support Staff
Nursery Mrs R Wood (am) Mrs R Wood  (pm) Miss P Coltman
Reception Mrs L Fairhurst 


Miss E Taylor
Mrs M Hitchmough – AM
Mrs J Sefton – PM
Yr1 Miss Haigh/Miss Trayer  Mrs Moore  Miss C Murphy 
Yr2 Ms A Canavan
Mrs C Elliott  Miss M McGuire
Yr3 Miss A Duffy Mrs J Ferguson  Miss J McKay 
Yr4 Ms S Rossiter   Ms J Hester
Yr5 Mrs S Bird Mrs S Grundy    
Yr6 Mrs G Hulme
Mr J Arnold Mrs L Lester
Teaching Assistants 1:2:1 Mrs M Birch
Mrs M Greenop 
Miss L Green-Maternity Leave 
Mrs L Hindle

Mrs P Cooney 

Mr J Rimmington 

Disadvantaged Pupil teachers – year group TBC Miss L O’Connell Yr 1
Miss J McKay Yr 3 and 4
Miss M McGuire Yr 2 
Mrs R Tracey EYFS 


NQT Miss M McQuire   

Site Manager:

Mr J Moore

Admin Assistants:

Mrs L Doyle (AM)   and Mrs S Elder (PM)

Midday Welfare Staff:

Miss M Thompson
Mrs S Byrne
Mrs D Davies
Mrs L Dumbell
Mrs D Creighton
Mrs C Long
Mrs M Lawless
Mrs A Murphy

Mrs D Cunningham 

Staff News

We gathered today with our Governors to reflect on :

Why we are here?
What we want for our children?
What we want for our school?

Autumn Term begins and staff created art work – “The Power to Be.”

We discuss our priorities each term and evaluate how we are helping our pupils to achieve their best. Please click below for our most recent thoughts on our strengths and development areas from our School Development Plan.



Each Term the staff reflects on the ways that they will fulfil their roles through living the Gospel Values through “Come and See for Yourself.”


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