Year 6 children lead Collective Worship

Year 6

Year 6 children led a beautiful Collective Worship for the whole school on Friday 30th January.  They planned it in curriculum time as part of their RE topic.  We were all impressed with their reverence and spiritual maturity.

Connor and Eve  wrote inspiring psalms.  Read them here and take time to reflect.


Let us gather in the light of the Lord.
Let us rejoice in the peace of our world.
Let us listen to others as they do to us.
Now go forth in the light of our God. 

Let us reflect on the Holy Spirit.
Let us share the love of God.
Let us respond to the care of others.
Now go forth in the light of God.

Let us remember this pleases God.
Let us think about our everyday actions.
Let us all smile now we are pleasing God.
Now go forth and spread the word of God. 


Let us gather our love together
Keep it strong and never lose grip,
Stay cheerful even if disappointed
And always smile for now you are pleasing God.

Rejoice when you see a smile on someone’s face.
Listen when someone is guiding you along the right path.
Respond with joy when someone is saying something important.
Remember that all these things are pleasing God.