Pupil Interviews

We have recently interviewed pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 to invite their views on RE.  Here are their honest and enthusiastic responses!

What do the pupils enjoy about R.E?

LLeyton  – It’s fun!
Tia  – I liked New Beginnings and what we learnt. Judaism.
Daniel  – I liked learning about Baptism in Promises.
Summer  – We learn about gifts from God and our gifts to God.
Billy  – I like preparing Collective Worship using Come and See lessons.
Quade- I like reflecting on how Jesus is in my life.

How could R.E. lessons be improved?

Lily  – Maybe bring our two classes together?
Jonathon  – Look at the mind map every lesson to add what you’ve done.

What prayers do you know?

Our favourites are:-

  • Our School Prayer;
  • Eternal Rest;
  • Morning Offering;
  • Rosary;
  • Hail Mary;
  • Our Father;
  • Grace Before Meals;
  • Act of Contrition;
  • Sign of the Cross;
  • Goodnight God.

What do you think it means to be a Christian?

Lucy  – God takes care of us and Jesus.
Tia  – we never forget about God.
Millie and Daniel – You can be an example and others might follow Jesus.  It means to be a follower of the light.
Summer and Jonathan  – You follow God and Jesus, spread the love and respect people.  You live in the light.
Libby and Billy  – To be part of God’s family.  God is always with us.
Lily, Annie-Mae and Josh  – To be God’s witness,  To believe in unconditional love of God for us.  He leads is into the path of commitment to do what we love.

Thank you children for your time and for sharing your love of RE with me.  Your excitement in your faith is truly inspiring.   

Traditional Prayers for Year 1 and Year 2

Traditional Prayers for Nursery and Reception